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Knightsbridge filled with Arab-owned supercars

The September sights and sounds of Knightsbridge are fast becoming a home away from home for millionaire Arab playboys.  In scenes formerly reserved for luxuri... read more

Russian tanker sails through Arctic without icebreaker

A Russian tanker has cruised through the northern sea route without an icebreaker escort for the first time. Experts claim that climate change is to blame as wa... read more

Does gut bacteria cause autism? Pathogens alter the brain

Due to a three-way relationship between the brain, gut and hormone cortisol This mechanism is thought to influence how ‘messages’ are communicated B... read more

Uber driver banned after caught defecating Perth

An Uber driver was banned after he was seen defecating on the side of the road A message was sent to the driver telling him he was not able to make pickups The ... read more

My Nametags data on children’s skills in relation to age

Children should be able to tie their shoelaces at eight, ride a bike at seven and be trusted to have their own front door key by 14, according to parents. A sur... read more

Former McDonald’s worker, 25, set to buy his 11th property

A 25-year-old former McDonald’s worker who grew up in housing commission flats is set to purchase his eleventh investment property. Edward Dilleen was rai... read more

Transgender LA man will let his baby ‘choose own gender’

A pregnant transgender man has revealed he will let his child ‘choose his or her own gender’.  Business assistant Alex Alvarez, 25, from Los Angele... read more

Kim Jong-un warns Britain faces a ‘miserable end’

North Korea has warned the United Kingdom faces a ‘miserable end’ if it joins the ongoing tensions on the peninsula.  In a stark warning to Britain... read more

Australian boy catches a fish before snake steals it

A three-year-old boy was proudly showing off his first fish before it was stolen A snake latched on to the fish and began dragging it away as the boy is crying ... read more

Hipster Melbourne cafe creates Guy Tea high tea for men

Hipster haven Melbourne has done it again with a cafe in the cool city announcing the ‘Guy Tea’ –  a trendy twist on the traditional high tea... read more

Indiana man, 29, ‘crowdfunded to be with fiancee, 14’

William Eugene White, 29, was trying to be united with his 14-year-old ‘fiancee’ He was arrested after spending the night with her in a Montana home... read more

Roxy Jacenko stuns in simple black ensemble

She’s the PR Maven who is known for her sartorial elegance. And Roxy Jacenko did not disappoint when she turned out for an event at Hamilton Island Race W... read more

Inside the Krane hotel in Nordhavn harbour Copenhagen

Ever had the urge to spend the night in a crane? Probably not, but should the mood ever take you, now you can. The Krane, more a two-person urban retreat than a... read more

Australian activewear label beloved by Pippa Middleton 2XU

She’s completed gruelling marathons in the desert, undertaken 3,000-mile bike challenges and seen out swim-run events in Europe – so you’d hop... read more

Are these the ONLY twins with uncombable hair syndrome?

Nine-year-old twins are two of around 100 children worldwide with a rare condition that means their wild blonde locks are impossible to tame. Agnetha and Anja N... read more

Driver takes on river while crocodile swims past Australia

Driver cheated death twice while crossing a river as a crocodile swam past The driver took on the infamous Cahills Crossing in the Northern Territory A 47-year-... read more

NSW State of Origin coach Laurie Daley sacked

NSW State of Origin coach has been sacked after a history of failed seasons Laurie Daley’s position was under pressure after this year’s defeat to Q... read more

Woman lost 20 kilos and became a personal trainer

When her weight loss journey first began, Tori Smith avoided taking fitness classes because she felt too intimidated – and opted for yoga instead. But one... read more

Sam Newman slammed for remarks seen as ‘kicking a puppy’

Sam Newman has come under fire for comments slamming a beloved AFL player during Thursday night’s Telethon episode. His comments, which attracted boos fro... read more

Jean-Pierre Heurteau’s home jammed with trinkets on sale

Eccentric interior decorator Jean-Pierre Heurteau doesn’t change for anything – not even for an open house. The renowned ‘flamboyant’ Me... read more

Greek couple raffling off Aegina villa at $74.50 a ticket

A luxury property worth $2.6 million in the picturesque Greek island, Aegina, is being raffled off for just $74.50 a ticket. Greek couple Alice and Christos D... read more

William Tyrrell’s grandmother slams secrecy

‘Secrecy made us look like criminals’: William Tyrrell’s grandmother Natalie Collins has spoken out The biological grandmother of missing boy ... read more

Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor: Floyd’s bodyguards

Just 48 hours before he begins limbering up for the final fight of his career, Floyd Mayweather is strutting his stuff for the cameras. In the heart of the MGM ... read more

NYC Mayor considering removing statue of Columbus

A statue honoring Italian explorer Christopher Columbus may soon be removed from Manhattan’s Columbus Circle if the city’s top elected official has ... read more