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Homeless couch surfer, 40, wins $4.8 million lottery

 A West Australian woman who had hit some financial trouble has won the lottery The grateful 40-year-old will now receive $20,000 a month for the next 20 years... read more

Why don’t BBC comedians ever mock Corbyn, asks TOM UTLEY

One of the irritations of having twentysomethings in residence is that my TV-viewing preferences are often overruled. Thus I find myself sitting through shows I... read more

Bindi Irwin throws her support behind same sex marriage

Bindi Irwin has become the latest Australian celebrity to throw her support behind the marriage equality. The 19-year-old posted to her Instagram on Friday mor... read more

Powerball winner Mavis Wanczyk richer than celebrities 

Mavis Wanczyk, 53, came forward Thursday afternoon as the $758.7 million winner of the Massachusetts State Lottery’s Powerball jackpot.  And now it looks... read more

Leola Rose forgot how to walk after artery burst on toilet

An Australian woman who suffered a burst artery in her brain as she sat on the toilet at work has opened up about her long road to recovery. Leola Rose, 28, was... read more

Trump urges citizens to prepare for Hurricane Harvey

President Donald Trump has urged citizens to prepare for Hurricane Harvey and said he is monitoring the storm and ready to provide aid to the region. Texas is b... read more

Kyle Sandilands joins John Ibrahim for his 47th birthday

They have enjoyed a ‘bromance’ for a number of years. And self-described ‘King of the Cross’ John Ibrahim celebrated his 47th birthday o... read more

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban’s daughters taller than ever

Their famous mother stands a statuesque 1.8 metres.  And Nicole Kidman’s daughters are certainly following in her footsteps, having stepped out at Sydney... read more

Fargo baby found where missing pregnant woman last seen

22-year-old Savanna Greywind was last seen at her apartment Saturday afternoon A newborn infant was found in Fargo, North Dakota, Thursday where a missing pregn... read more

Kyle Sandilands joins John Ibrahim for his 46th birthday

They have enjoyed a ‘bromance’ for a number of years. And self-described ‘King of the Cross’ John Ibrahim celebrated his 46th birthday o... read more

Murdered father of two killed by co-worker identified

Authorities have identified the chef who was fatally shot at a restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina.  Charleston County deputy coroner Sheila Williams said... read more

Conor McGregor kits out son in three-piece suit

Conor McGregor has always placed great stock in his clan’s rich fighting heritage and it seems the UFC superstar is already moulding his infant son Conor ... read more

Barnaby Joyce nominatioed for New Zealander of the year

Barnaby Joyce is second-most nominated for 2018’s New Zealander of Year It was revealed in early August Mr Joyce was actually a New Zealand citizen 371 no... read more

Matthew Leveson skeleton photos shown by his parents

Matthew Leveson’s parents held up pictures of their son’s skeleton on Friday and accused his onetime older lover Michael Atkins of killing their boy... read more

Nick Gordon won’t face court for ‘beating his girlfriend’

Nick Gordon, who was held legally responsible for death of then-girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown in 2015, will not go to court over claims that he beat another o... read more

Why Hurricane Harvey is the perfect storm

Hurricane Harvey is following the perfect recipe to be a monster storm, meteorologists say. Warm water. Check. Calm air at 40,000 feet high. Check. Slow speed t... read more

Woman left with blistered face after laser procedure

A woman from Melbourne has spoken out about the ‘excruciating’ pain she was left in, after an erbium laser resurfacing procedure left her face swoll... read more

Google’s We Wear Culture explores 3000 years of fashion

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry, with a long and very varied history full of all manner of trends.  And now, all of those fashion highs and lows from the ... read more

Bachelor host Osher blames driver for Brisbane cycle crash

Bachelor host and well-known cycling enthusiast Osher Gunsberg has taken to Instagram to post about the cycling accident Bachelor host and well-known cycling en... read more

Customers fight as stores sell out of water in Texas

Customers are fighting over water as grocery stores are rapidly selling out of supplies, increasing the frenzy before Hurricane Harvey slams into Texas. The pow... read more

Sugar could be just as addictive as cocaine

Sugar could be just as addictive as cocaine, research has suggested. It has a similar effect on the brain to powerful illegal drugs, scientists warned. It means... read more

Parents of William Tyrrell identified for the first time

William Tyrrell’s biological parents have been named.  Karlie Tyrrell, understood to be from Sydney’s inner west, is the missing boy’s mother... read more

Mariah Carey hand-in-hand with Bryan Tanaka in Toronto

 She was at the center of yet another controversy earlier this year. But all Mariah Carey needs is love.  The 47-year-old singer did not seem bothered at all ... read more

Can chemicals in sofas stop you getting pregnant?

Chemicals found in sofas, car seats and even yoga mats may be making it harder for women to become pregnant. Flame retardants used in furniture escape into the ... read more