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Veteran tells how his trailer home was destroyed by Harvey

A Gulf War veteran woke up on vacation to the devastating news that Hurricane Harvey had obliterated his trailer home and everything he owns. Charles Bowman, 70... read more

Anheuser-Busch cans drinking water for Hurricane victims

Beer production for a major brewing company has stopped this week in order to send clean water to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Instead of making beer, on... read more

Was beach cloud that poisoned 200 caused by algae?

A toxic haze that left more than 200 beachgoers needing hospital treatment could have been caused by harmful algae, experts say. As families enjoyed a day out a... read more

Incredible laser operation in the womb saved my twins

Looking confidently out on the world, blue-eyed twins Dakota and Scarlett McKewan could hardly seem more content. At nine months old, their happy faces show no ... read more

An NYC butcher is selling BEEF FAT doughnuts

Conventional wisdom — and most people’s taste buds — wouldn’t match up sweet ‘doughnuts’ and ‘beef’ as a likely food pai... read more

North Korea launches missile over Japan

North Korea has fired a missile that passed over northern Japan today. The government’s J-Alert warning system advised people in the area to take precauti... read more

Trump defends Sheriff Joe move, says criminals got pardons

President Donald Trump rolled out a new argument in defense of his controversial pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: other drug dealers and ‘dangerous criminals... read more

Vegan cyclist killed in Manchester hit and run

A 24-year-old vegan who just completed a 1,000 mile bicycle ride between Lands End and John O’Groats was knocked down and killed in a hit and run near her... read more

Game of Thrones fans go wild over Jon Snow’s bare butt

After all the talk of the recent season of Game of Thrones being under-sexed, it most certainly delivered – and then some – on Sunday’s finale... read more

Trooper grabs and pulls suicidal man off of bridge ledge

A Washington State Patrol trooper is being hailed a hero after a dramatic dashboard camera video has emerged showing him saving a suicidal man from a bridge in ... read more

Is the future of nuclear power SALT?

Researchers in the Netherlands have begun nuclear fission tests using thorium salts – a method said to be far cleaner and safer than uranium-based systems. Du... read more

Story of couple who are BOTH fighting breast cancer

Had things gone as planned, Karen Johnson and fiance Steve Rymond would now be enjoying a post-holiday glow after a Caribbean cruise and finalising plans for th... read more

Hundreds flee ‘acid attack’ at Notting Hill Carnival

Hundreds of panicked revellers were seen running in terror after an ‘acidic liquid’ was hurled over the Notting Hill Carnival crowd. The incident to... read more

Girl, 7, survives being choked and thrown off bridge

A young girl in Massachusetts survived being choked and thrown off a bridge after being kidnapped from her grandparent’s home by a family friend, a court ... read more

Danish royals celebrate Prince Nikolai’s 18th birthday

Most 18-year-olds celebrate with a debut pint with friends in the pub, but Prince Nikolai of Denmark’s coming of age was naturally a more glamorous affair... read more

Made In Chelsea star’s doctors failed to spot MS

Sitting in a doctor’s surgery with her eldest daughter Anna-Louise by her side, TV personality Jane Felstead struggled to take in what the neurologist bef... read more

Mother speaks out on daughter’s nut allergy reaction

Having just diagnosed their toddler daughter Amy May with an allergy to nuts, the consultant was emphatic with his advice to Sue and Roger Shead. He said: ̵... read more

Being fit in middle-age is as good as exercising in youth

Getting fit in middle age halves the risk of suffering a stroke later in life, researchers have found. Scientists said it is never too late to take up exercise ... read more

‘We are one American family’: Trump says amid Harvey

President Donald Trump said Monday that he may visit the Texas flood zone a second time on Saturday, in addition to his already scheduled trip on Tuesday, and ... read more

Unimaginable cruelty in Bashar al-Assad’s prisons revealed

The torture, depravity and unthinkable sexual violence inside Bashar al-Assad’s prisons has been revealed by eight women who were detained there. Eight co... read more

ASOS sells bizarre plumber’s butt jeans

From pants with rips along the bum to jeans with a zipper along the crack, the fashion world has become completely obsessed with booty-baring jeans in recent mo... read more

Doctor shortage causes hospitals to use freelance workers

Hospitals are using freelance doctors to combat a shortage of thousands in the United States. The number of pay-per-hour doctors has doubled since 2002 to more ... read more

Amir Khan’s wife Faryal cuts boxer out of the pictures

Amir Khan’s estranged wife has reignited her feud with the boxer after she cut him out of a photograph she had posted to Instagram. Faryal Makhdoom upload... read more

Family of 6 die in van swept away by Hurricane Harvey

The family crossed a bridge in Houston and were hit by flood water currents Their van was swept away; the driver, the children’s great uncle climbed out B... read more