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Palace aides worry over Royal couple’s ‘one-upmanship’

Keeping up with the Sussexes: Fears over Royal couple’s ‘one-upmanship’ as Kate poses with family at Chelsea garden hours after Harry and Meghan share wedding anniversary snaps

  • The young royals had previously been accused of being in a rift with each other
  • Now their attempts at garnering public attention have concerned royal aides
  • Comes as photos of the Cambridge emerged over the weekend in Chelsea
  • The photos were posted just after Harry and Meghan released unseen photos 

Rival attempts to attract public attention to the young royals have sparked senior figures of the Royal Household to call for better diary coordination.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge yesterday posted pictures of their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis at Kate Middleton’s new garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Just hours before the event Harry and Meghan had celebrated their first wedding anniversary by revealing a collection of behind the scenes photos from their wedding day.

The two households had previously been rumoured to have been embroiled in a rift, and have now engaged in what seems to be a game of one-upmanship.

The Sussex Royal account posted the pictures in the early hours of Sunday morning at around 5am, this is while the Kensington Palace account posted the pictures last night at around 10pm. 

Kensington Palace posted these pictures on Instagram yesterday evening after the family spent the day at Kate’s garden (pictured above Kate and Prince Louis)

Meghan Markle and Harry

Meghan Markle and her mother Doria

Sussex Royal posted the behind the scenes images of Harry and Meghan’s wedding in the early house of Sunday morning 

Speaking to the Daily Express one royal watcher said it was a case of ‘anything you can do we can do better’. While another source said that the schedules of the two households needed to be looked over.

The source said: ‘Our diary planning could be better.’

At the Chelsea Flower show, the three children were seen together in the garden designed by their mother, in order to inspire parents and children alike to get back out in the fresh air.

Earlier that day Harry and Meghan marked their wedding anniversary with a photo montage on their official Instagram account.

Pictures were posted show the Cambridge's at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday ahead of the official show dates this week

Pictures were posted show the Cambridge’s at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday ahead of the official show dates this week 

The Sussexes posted this touching photo of Prince Charles preparing to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle

The Sussexes posted this touching photo of Prince Charles preparing to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle 

Despite aides saying there was little they could have done to stop the wedding anniversary overlapping with the flower show, courtiers said there had been times where it was clear that one couple had overshadowed another’s work.

The source insisted that the Cambridge’s and Sussex’s, who split their households earlier this year, ahead of the arrival of baby Archie, would also focus on their favoured causes.

One source also added that it was also concerning that work from Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall could go unnoticed due to the constant back and forth from the young royals.

Anything you can do I can do better: When the young royals have overlapped their scehedules

Sunday 19 May: Meghan and Harry post a picture montage on their official Instagram account to mark their first wedding anniversary.

The post is followed by pictures of The Cambridge’s enjoying Kate’s garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Friday 17 May: Prince William launches a campaign at Wembley stadium to tackle suicide in young men, the campaign is called ‘Heads Up’ and is launched in connection with his role at the FA.

Also on the same day, clips of Meghan’s friends talking about how she has been treated poorly in Britain started to appear.

Thursday 9 May: Kate and William launched the ‘Shout’ helpline for those struggling and dealing with emotional crisis.

Meghan and Harry were not present despite endorsing the campaign 

According to the Express, Palace officials say they hold regular planning meetings but that there will inevitably be diary clashes.

Sources have also acknowledged that recently there had been times where each household had not been aware what the other was doing.

Last week, Prince William had launched a campaign to use football to encourage men to speak about their emotions. At the same time clips of Meghan’s friends giving interviews to a US documentary about how they felt she had been treated unfairly, also started to appear.

On another occasion, Kate and William had also launched a round-the-clock national text helpline for people in emotional crisis, in a campaign both Meghan and Harry are said to have supported, however were not present.

Ingrid Stewart, who works for Majesty magazine said the publicity drive of the houses has gone into overdrive and that they are all extraordinarily popular figures.

‘Since they have separated their working offices, their schedules have clashed’, she said.

She added: ‘The result is that they can both be promoting important causes at the same time. This is something that the Royal Family has always tried to ensure never happened.

‘It did of course in the Diana days, but since then they have tried to work as a unit with the one aim to help support the ageing monarch as she goes about her many duties. The monarch is meant to be an institution will all members working together, not an individual popularity contest’.

MailOnline contacted Kensington Palace for comment, but they were unavailable when approached.