Pap smear test and women’s health

Types of specialist doctors in Singapore:

ENT Doctors

ENT Specialists (also known as Otolaryngologists), or “Ear Nose and Throat” specialists, consult many individuals that have ailmentsin the ear, nose and throat regions. They also help patients that experienceailments around the head and neck region. For individuals that are suffer these problems, it is highly advised that you seek the diagnosis and professional opinion of an ENT specialist.

Issues that often times affect the ear include infections, unintentional wounds or abnormalities present from birth. As structures in the ear control your sense of balance, and these injuries or abnormalities might cause dizzy spells and vertigo.

Nasal ailments may differ from between conditions greatly. Commonly occurring conditions such as sinusitis (sinus infection) or rhinitis  (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose) which hardly ever end up lethal. ENT specialists (otolarygngologists) also identify and treat to malignant or potentially life threatening ailments such as cancers of the nose regions and surrounding structures.

In the Lion City, Singapore, ENT surgery is generally used in order to improve structural abnormalities around the ear, nose and throat region. However, since the face and appearance of a individual greatly overlaps with common sites for ear, nose and throat surgery, some surgeries in ENT surgery have also been done for aesthetic needs. An example would be rhinoplasty (or popularly referred to as a “nose job”). However, rhinoplasty implemented for aesthetic reasons will not be covered from insurance . In terms of costs, you should expectpay amounts exceeding $9500 for acosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

Men’s Health and Women’s Health Clinics

Men’s and also women’s medical clinics cover a different range of services from the run-of-the-mill GPs we are familiar with. Sexual wellness is quite an specialized industry and it takes a doctor who’s knowledgeable in the subject matter and the diseases that concern it to properly evaluate, as well as treat and precisely advise you. Due to the sensitivity of the contents of these tests, the most awareness is paid to ensuring discretion and anonymity, to guarantee patient privacy.

Frequently a health care professional will need to acquire a blood sample to check for certain antibodies in your blood, such as in the situation of HIV testing. A number of screenings are instant and can generate outcomes straight away, while some samples and tests may possibly need to be sent to a lab for more tests. A complete battery of STD assessments in Singapore costs around $300 for both urine and blood assessments. However, each of these clinics also provide extremely particular gender related services.

For example, men are able to get testosterone replacement therapy if they’re experiencing very low levels of testosterone because of drug and/or steroid old age or abuse. Drugs to cause vasodilation as Cialis are quite generally prescribed by men’s health doctors. Along with advancements in contemporary medicine, doctors of today have innovative ways for treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). An illustration of this is the application of ultrasound technologies in the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

For females, conditions in which their privates are affected are by far the most commonly handled in women’s health establishments. In Singapore, you can set an appointment with DB Clinic. Breast cancers is the deadliest sort of cancer that  claims the greatest number of female lives among cancers each year within Singapore. The importance of consistent mammogram screening cannot be emphasized more. Possibility of survival improve dramatically with early detection. Women aged 40 and above are clearly encouraged to opt for frequent mammogram tests.  Also, pap smear tests also give great support when detecting initial stage cervical cancers. Ensure that pap smear screening are conducted only after menstruation or maybe the outcomes might not be precise.


Gastroenterologists are gastro-health specialists, a highly respected doctors that specialise in conditions related to the stomach or gut areas. So that they can become a fully fledged gastroenterologist, at least 7 years of practical expertise of surgical and diagnostic methods are expected. The most popular examination available at gastroenterologists is endoscopy. This would be the procedure of introducing a scope into the patient’s body to look at it from the inside. There are a few various types of endoscopy, every method is suitable for a different part of the body that is slated for inspection. The gastroenterologist will be able to determine the essential endoscopy treatment to acquire the ideal spot for analyzing the requested site.

To doctors, colonoscopy is an extremely practical technique which comes with a lot of benefits which often aids them in the extent of their work. Even if colonoscopy is chiefly utilized to check for cancers of the intestinal tract, colonoscopy might also furnish the doctor with a wealth of info on your intestinal health. This will assist them on making crucial judgments on how you can better your bowel health. To be able to check out your bowels, a scope is put by means of the individual ‘s anus and from there, carefully led through the bowels under the control of the attending doctor. Imagery of the insides belonging to the individual’s colon are then captured by the small cam along the tip on the endoscope. These images are next studied on the viewing display screen, that the gastroenterologist studies for abnormalities within the colon. Just like how colonoscopy is performed, gastroscopy also requires inserting a scope to the person’s digestive tract.  For any gastroscopy, the scope enters throughout the oral cavity, and then diligently guided by the gastroenterologist. The images from the microcamera are then simply supplied to the display connected, delivering a clear image of the state on the internal walls of the upper digestive tract.

If you are worried about discomfort, you may relax then. Sedation is available for endoscopy processes. The processes are generally fast, lasting substantially less than sixty minutes. Endoscopy is a 1 day therapy and also doesn’t necessitate ward admission in the hospital. When called for by the medical doctor, the expense may be claimed against your health insurance program.