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Papakura home in New Zealand offering room for $50 per week in exchange for dropping kid at school

Room in a share house is advertised for just $50 per week – but the successful applicant will have to walk the landlord’s 10-year-old daughter to SCHOOL

  • New Zealand family offering cheap room in return for taking child, 10, to school
  • The room is advertised for $50 per week in the three-bedroom home
  • Successful applicant would not be protected under Residential Tenancies Act

A bedroom is being offered up for rent for just $50 per week – but it comes with a catch.

A family is offering the cheap room in Auckland, New Zealand on the condition that the tenant takes their 10-year-old daughter to school.

‘We are a Kiwi family offering cheap (or free) living to someone who can help with the school morning drop off,’ the advertisement read.

The New Zealand family is offering the cheap room (pictured) in return to taking their 10-year-old daughter to school during the week

The new roommate, an ‘honest, mature female’, would have to commit to dropping off the young girl to school between 7am-8am on weekdays for the reduced rent. 

The school is located five minutes away from the three-bedroom home and the applicant doesn’t need a driver’s licence or car. 

The median weekly cost of a room in the suburb of Papakura is $210.

Families in New Zealand struggling with the cost of living and offer a cheap in return for some help around the household or with the children.

However, applicants need to be wary when entering this sort of agreement because it’s considered more of a flatmate or boarding situation and will not be protected under the Residential Tenancies Act. 

‘That means that either party can do whatever they like basically. These things quite often start off OK and then they deteriorate, these arrangements,’ Tenant’s Protection Association co-ordinator Angela Maynard told the publication.

‘It’s not an ideal arrangement but for some people it might work.’

She recommended that all applicants request a written contract protecting them of their rights in case a dispute arose. 

The family listed the bedroom for $50 per week in exchange for help with their daughter's school drop off

The family listed the bedroom for $50 per week in exchange for help with their daughter’s school drop off


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