Parents challenge Welsh school sports day results with ‘videos’

  • Parents at Mynydd Bychan school near Cardiff filmed their children’s sports day
  • Some parents were furious after footage ‘proved’ teachers got decisions wrong
  • Head teacher Sian Evans has written to parents saying the results will stand
  • She warned if parents continued to question results it could threaten the event

Teachers are furious at parents using video footage to challenge the results of a school sports day.

Proud mothers and fathers have been filming races, jumping events, and throwing contests as they watch their children compete.

But they brought their video ‘evidence’ into a school in Cardiff to dispute the results – after teachers were allowed to crown the winners.

Parents at Mynydd Bychan school in Cardiff have attempted to overturn sports day results by presenting video evidence to the head teacher Sian Evans filmed on phones and iPads

Parents demanded official standings were changed based on their footage, but the school had refused to budge in the results row.

Sian Evans, headteacher of Mynydd Bychan school in Cathays, Cardiff, has now sent a strongly worded letter to parents warning them to stop the practice, saying: ‘Teacher’s word is final’.

In the letter, she said: ‘The members of staff at the finish line, and nobody else, have the absolute final say and as to the first, second and third place positions.

‘Unfortunately, during the last few years parents have approached members of staff with evidence that they had filmed on electronic devices such as iPads in order to prove that their child should have been awarded a higher position in a particular race and comments also appeared on Facebook.

‘If this happens again, there is a strong possibility that we will have to consider changing the competitive nature of our sports morning.’

‘The arrangements for the smooth running of the morning are very tight and take quite a bit of arranging. Members of staff work hard in various ways during the morning.’

The Welsh language school in Cardiff has 200 children and holds its sports day at the giant National Indoor Athletics Centre in the city.