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Parents looking to the wild west and space for baby name inspiration

A generation of Billy The Kids! Parents are looking to the Wild West, outer space and the Bible for baby name inspiration in 2023

Parents are looking to the wild west and outer galaxies for baby name inspiration in 2023.

Billys, Wyatts, Pearls and Clementines may be roaming school halls in the next couple of years, with the cowboy-esque theme coming up as a top non-generic search term on UK site BabyCentre.

And it’s not just the American frontier – the final frontier was another popular search term as this year could see a rise in baby boys named Apollo and Cosmo and baby girls called Ariel and Luna.

More and more are also said to be opting for unisex names – Kylie Jenner’s Aire being the most recent example – according to the experts.

BabyCentre also found that the number of names in their registrations that are shared by both boys and girls has doubled in the last 10 years. 

Parents are looking to the wild west and outer galaxies for baby name inspiration in 2023. Stock image used

Who could have predicted that wild west names would be a new trend,’ UK Managing Editor for BabyCentre Sarah Redshaw said.

She continued: ‘One thing’s for sure, old-fashioned names are still in fashion while parents are still loving Bible names.

BabyCentre’s top search queries related to names 

Excluding similar search terms and general name search terms 


Billy, Wyatt, Butch and Levi and Clementine, Daisy, Pearl and Mae 


Riley, Frankie, Harley, Blake, Rowan, River, Robin and Morgan 


Apollo, Troy, Calliope and Daphne 


Florence and Arthur and Eve and Noah 


Apollo, Cosmo, Ariel and Luna 


Jocasta, Tamara, Barnaby and Tybalt. 


Ruby and Jet 

‘Names from ancient mythology and the planets could become a new classical trend though as mums and dads look for something more unusual but familiar.

‘We’ve seen the proportion of gender-neutral names soar too, which is no surprise given the rising awareness around gender fluidity.

‘It’s another trend we’ll be keeping an eye on.’

Sarah also added that parents may be looking to celebrities for name inspiration.  

‘Another possibility is that parents may take the lead from celebrities and their recent Disney-inspired names,’ she said.

‘Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury named their newborn daughter Bambi, and Stacey Dooley called hers Minnie so we could see an increase in searches for Disney names.’

Meanwhile Noah and Olivia were the most popular names for boys and girls in 2021, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Oliver dropped to second place having been the most most popular boys’ name for eight years, while Olivia topped the girls’ list for the sixth year in a row .

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also shows that Henry replaced Jack in the top 10 names for boys, while Freya, Florence and Willow replaced Isabella, Rosie and Sophia for girls.

New entries to the top 100 included Lara, Beatrice and Sara for girls, and Blake, Brody, Kai, Rupert, Tobias and Nathan for boys. 


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