Passenger’s ‘joke’ ends in horror crash after he pulls out car’s ignition keys

Passenger’s ‘joke’ ends in horror crash after he pulls out car’s ignition keys while his friend is driving

  • Passenger films his friend driving before yanking ignition keys in Saudi Arabia
  • The men shout as the car screeches and smashes into a vehicle in front of them
  • The passenger may have locked the car’s steering or simply distracted the driver

A passenger’s prank when horribly wrong when he filmed himself pulling out a car’s ignition keys while his friend was driving, causing a serious crash. 

In the clip, filmed in Saudi Arabia, the passenger films in selfie mode as loud music blares from inside the car.

The camera then turns to show the dashboard and his friend steering the car, in the video shared on November 21.

He held the keys up to the camera as though he was proud of his prank, shared on November 21

A passenger filmed himself pulling out the ignition keys while his friend was driving in Saudi Arabia as part of a ‘joke’

Within seconds, the passenger leans forward and yanks out the ignition key.

He waves it in his hand as though he is pleased with himself as his friend tries to change gears.

The driver’s attempts appear to fail and the car then skids across the road before hitting another vehicle.

One of the men shouts ‘oh my god’ as the car screeches dramatically and the passenger slams into the dashboard. 

Loud thuds are heard as the car appears to have been flipped and the footage becomes blurred.  

The passenger waves the phone's camera at himself before reaching for the ignition key, along a motorway in Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile the driver has been said to have crashed into another car because he was 'confused' by his friend grabbing the keys

In the clip, the passenger filmed himself in selfie mode while music was blaring in the car (pictured left) before showing his friend driving (pictured right)

One report suggested the driver had crashed into the vehicle in front because he was ‘confused’ by his friend’s actions.

It is also possible that by taking out the key, the car’s steering wheel lock was activated, making it impossible for the driver to steer away from any hazards.

The clip has sent the internet into meltdown with 12,450 views.  

One viewer said: ‘A terrible traffic accident because of a joke.’