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Passengers trapped on Dreamworld ride for more than 30 minutes

  • Passengers were trapped on a ride at Dreamworld on Queensland’s Gold Coast
  • The group of people had been stuck on a rollercoaster for more than 30 minutes 

A group of people have been trapped on a rollercoaster at Dreamworld.

They have were trapped for more than 30 minutes at the amusement park on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Nine News reported.

They have now been released from the Buzzsaw rollercoaster at the theme park.

Passengers were left hanging from the ride high in the air as it came to a sudden halt.

Staff can be heard reassuring the stuck passengers over a loudspeaker, telling them: ‘you’re on your way down now guys’.

Passengers were stuck on the same ride almost exactly a year ago in 2017.   

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