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Pauline Hanson slams Queensland Premier over George Floyd protests

Pauline Hanson slams Queensland Premier for ‘double standards’ by allowing mass protests while pushing businesses to the brink with border shut-downs and strict rules

Pauline Hanson has accused the Queensland Premier of ‘double standards’ for failing to condemn a planned protest while businesses are subject to strict rules and borders are closed to protect residents from coronavirus.

Up to 7,000 aboriginal rights activists will demonstrate in Brisbane’s King George Square on Saturday, inspired by recent Black Lives Matter protests in the US.

The Victorian Premier has told protesters in his state to stay at home to protect public health, but Ms Palaszczuk has remained silent and Queensland police are even considering permitting the protest. 

Pauline Hanson has accused the Queensland Premier of ‘double standards’ for failing to condemn a planned protest. Pictured: A protest in Sydney on Tuesday

Ms Hanson said it was double standards to limit gatherings at funerals, weddings and sports fixtures while allowing mass gatherings.

‘This double-standard by Labor is angering thousands of struggling Queensland businesses experiencing forced lockdowns. It raises numerous puzzling questions,’ she said.

Ms Hanson questioned whether the restrictions are just a ‘political ploy’ to help Ms Palaszczuk get re-elected in October.  

‘Queensland’s economy is on the brink of collapse due to business shutdowns, but the Premier and Chief Medical Officer Young are allowing these marches. It seems absurd. It beggars belief.

‘Labor supporters have been praising the harsh measures but now they’ve also been kicked in the teeth by their leader and her sudden flip-flop.

‘Who will take the blame if we are hit by a spike in virus cases due to the Premier and CMO suddenly weakening their position for the protestors?

‘The Premier and her Chief Medical Officer need to answer these questions. Please explain the double-standards.’

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is also under fire after giving protesters in Sydney the green light. 

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said: ‘You can’t go to the footy. why on earth should 10,000 people be allowed to make merry at the Town Hall steps?’

On Friday morning, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the country’s successfull battle against the virus could be undone by protesters 

‘There is a risk that all of the gains that we have made are put at risk by people gathering in large numbers,’ he said.


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