Payment in Shopify – types of payments

The Shopify platform is extremely popular among businesses worldwide, although it has not been implemented very often in Poland. The main problem was the lack of compatibility with the payment gateways known in the country, and this situation persisted for quite a long time.

However, Shopify has implemented some of the payment forms we are familiar with, making the platform an increasingly popular solution in Poland. What are forms of payment available on Shopify? Let’s check.

What are payment types?

Payment types are nothing more than options that are available when you add products to your cart and confirm your order. If we do not purchase products on delivery, we are usually redirected to a page where we can choose how we want to pay for the order.

The Shopify platform offers many opportunities and advantages. With features like Shopify compare at price, a visit to the site is more likely to turn into a purchase decision.

Why? Because the functionality above shows users the discounts compared to the original price, thus showing them that they have the chance to purchase goods for less money than usual.


The Przelewy24 platform is a solution known probably by all of us. Thanks to it, we can pay online payments to many banks (it is tough to find a bank that is not on the Przelewy list), Blik, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and deferred payments, which we will talk about a little later.


This solution allows you to make quick and convenient payments via credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Play. Apart from that, Stripe offers an ideal solution for companies selling recurring services, as it allows you to create subscriptions.

ePayments online

ePłatności is a platform working similarly to Przelewy24. As a result, we can use it to pay for the order via bank app, PayPal, or Apple Pay, as well as via credit cards and many other solutions. It is convenient for many users, providing options tailored to their needs.


Klarna belongs to the category of deferred payment forms (so-called BNPL: buy now, pay later), similar to PayPo available on Przelewy24. The principle of these forms of payment is straightforward, and users appreciate them.

First, customers buy a product, choosing the Klarna payment option (or another deferred payment platform such as PayPo), the mentioned company pays for the goods, and then have to repay the amount due within 30 days.

This option is incredibly convenient when we want to check two sizes of shoes – then we order them through deferred payment. Then customers can send back one pair and pay only the second one because the amount due for the returned goods will be settled between Klarna and the seller.

As you can see, despite a difficult start in our country, the platform has found solutions that allow the use of Shopify also in our home market. This is good news because it stands out for its many advantages – including efficiency and security and a fast and intuitive store implementation process.