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Pelosi says Democrats ‘will win’ the House and possibly the Senate

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi confidently predicted on Tuesday night that the Democratic Party would return to power after next week’s mid-term elections. 

‘We will win. We own the ground,’ Pelsoi, the former speaker of the House who’s looking to make a comeback, told ‘Late Night’ host Stephen Colbert. 

Colbert warned her against measuring the drapes too soon and invoked Hillary Clinton’s surprise defeat against Donald Trump in 2016. 

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi confidently predicted on Tuesday night that the Democratic Party would return to power after next week’s mid-term elections

But Pelosi insisted, ‘Democrats will carry the House. If we have a bigger victory, the senate, the governorships.’ 

Political prognosticators like Pelosi believe that Democrats will win enough seats on Nov. 6 to ascend to power in the House.

‘Even if the Republicans hold the Senate given the very pro-Republican math that exists, President Trump is in trouble in some of these states,’ University of Virginia Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato told MSNBC this month. ‘He’s fallen considerably as a whole.’ 

Republicans retirements in the lower chamber have also created openings for the minority party.  

The Cook Political report gives Democrats a ‘solid’ chance of winning 182 seats in the House to Republicans’ 140. An additional 10 seats are likely to go to Democrats with 55 in the likely Republican column.  

Just three seats that are currently held by Democrats are in the ‘toss-up or worse’ column. For Republicans, a daunting 45 seats are in danger.

All told, if Cook’s predictions are accurate, Democrats would end up with a minimum of 192 lawmakers when the new Congress convenes in January. Republicans would have a minimum of 195.

With so many Republican seats in the toss-up column, though, compared the three that Democrats are defending, it will be an uphill climb for the president’s party to keep control of the House.

The president is predicting a history-defying ‘red wave’ across the country, nonetheless, as he barnstorms the country.

But Sabato and others are saying that it’s very unlikely that Trump’s party will have the kind of success at the ballot box that Trump is claiming.  

‘I’m with you if you’re saying that a red wave ain’t going to happen,’ he said. ‘It’s just a question about how big the blue wave is. It could be a tsunami. It could be a middle-sized wave. It could be a small wave. But there’s going to be a blue wave.’

Trump has been spending his time on the trail in states in which he believes that Republicans have the best chance of picking up Senate seats like Florida, Indiana and Montana. 

He has been calling it the election of Brett Kavanaugh, the caravan of migrants and GOP tax cuts at fiery campaign rallies where he bashes Pelosi, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and other national Democrats.

Trump doesn’t have to run himself again until 2020 but his agenda will be stymied if Democrats have the edge in either chamber. His allies have warned that they could move toward impeachment if they win a majority in both legislative bodies.

‘The president’s not on the ballot,’ campaign manager Brad Parscale told ‘CBS This Morning’ on Monday. ‘This is about his agenda.’ 




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