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Pennsylvania couple accused of waterboarding girl, 12

  • Dion Stevens, 34, and Malisa Stevens, 41, were charged Wednesday
  • Allegedly waterboarded girl, 12, in their Aliquippa, Pennsylvania home
  • Told cops it was punishment and they learned it from a movie 

A couple has been accused of subjected a 12-year-old girl to waterboarding in their basement as a form of punishment.

Dion Stevens, 34, and Malisa Stevens, 41, were charged Wednesday with aggravated assault and related charges stemming from the shocking allegations in their Aliquippa, Pennsylvania home.

Police said they were alerted of possible abuse by an anonymous tipster, and went to interview the family. 

The shocking abuse allegedly took place in the basement of this Pennsylvania home

The girl told police and Beaver County children and youth services officials that she had been dragged into the Aliquippa home’s basement in April, the Beaver County Times reported.

She told cops she was bound into a chair with packing tape. 

Then, the girl said, a wet towel was placed over her face and her chair was tilted backward as a bucket of cold water was poured onto her, preventing her from breathing.

The police report said the couple ‘openly admitted’ that they tried to ‘waterboard’ the child ‘because they were punishing her’.

The couple told police they learned about waterboarding ‘through a movie’. 

The man and woman are both charged with strangulation, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, child endangerment and reckless endangerment

Court documents don’t list an attorney and a listed number for them couldn’t be found Saturday.