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Pennsylvania mom ‘burned her 3-year-old son’

  • Arwen Kuhn was arrested last week on several charges including aggravated assault and false imprisonment of a minor 
  • The 38-year-old has been accused of abusing her three-year-old son by the boy’s father 
  • The father says he dropped his son off at Kuhn’s house in St Marys, Pennsylvania for three days in November 2016 
  • When he picked the boy up, he had chemical burns on his stomach and bruises on his head
  • The boy told investigators that his mother sprayed his eyes with peroxide, put a leash on him and forced him into a dog cage  
  • Kuhn has denied the allegations 

A Pennsylvania mother is accused of burning her three-year-old with chemicals, putting him on a leash and keeping him in a dog cage.

Police in St. Marys charged Arwen Kuhn, 38, last week with a slew of charges including aggravated assault and false imprisonment of a minor.

According to a police affidavit, the child’s dad says he dropped the boy off at Kuhn’s house for three days in November 2016. 


Arwen Kuhn, 38, has been accused of physically abusing her three-year-old son when the boy’s father dropped him off for a three-day stay at her home in St. Marys, Pennsylvania in November 2016

He says when he picked the child up, he noticed a scab on his bellybutton and bruises on his head, so he took the boy to the hospital. 

Hospital workers noted that the boy had chemical burns on his stomach and feet, as well as bruises on his leg, back and forehead.

In an interview with police, the boy told them that his mom dropped him on the ground, sprayed him in the eyes with peroxide and kept him on a leash so she couldn’t reach for candy. He says he was also kept in a dog cage. 

Investigators determined that Kuhn also filmed the child crying and grabbing her arm while she forced him to run laps. 

Kuhn denied the claims in an interview with WJAC, but asked that her face not be put on camera.