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Perfect Play: A new app that will help you play soccer like a professional

Elite academy coaching has finally become available to all individuals who aspire to become soccer players. A new app, Perfect Play, uses innovative tracking technology to track your skills and progress and assist you in improving your skills.

In collaboration with Coach-AI, run by an Israeli businessman Mati Kochavi, Chelsea FC created this app to offer support and professional coaching to all players, regardless of their ability.

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Perfect Play designs a personal training plan which provides a group of activities created to develop passing, agility, shooting, ball mastery, speed, dribbling, resilience, passing, receiving, speed, strength, and many more.


The app doesn’t offer just training videos; it features an immersive coaching experience built on tracking its users’ movements through their phone and offers real-time feedback to help them improve their soccer playing skills.

The use of augmented reality to analyze on-going performance and the expertise of the  Chelsea FC Academy’s coaches have made this app the most advanced soccer training app in the market.

“Our vision is to share this immersive focus on technical, tactical and physical football development, not just with the select few who are fortunate enough to train at Cobham, but with every young footballer around the world with the desire to succeed in football,” said Guy Laurence, Chelsea FC Chief Executive.

The coaches that helped created programs for Perfect Play are the same ones that coached some of the most successful international soccer players, including Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, and Billy Gilmour.

This app has already been used at the academy to support regular training.

Chelsea striker and Academy graduate, Tammy Abraham, said: “The Chelsea Academy program taught me that you have to be patient, work hard, stay calm and remain focused. To be able to put that expertise and knowledge into the app is incredible. I’m a big fan of Perfect Play and I wish I had this opportunity when I was starting out.”

Mason Mount added: “The training program the academy created gave me the core physical and mental skills I use every time I play. It’s fantastic that all young footballers can now undertake the same training plan using Perfect Play. And the technology in the app is unbelievable!”

This app aims to help other players grow into well-rounded and complete players, especially those who have no opportunity to be trained by professionals.

You may be worried about your privacy and the safety of your data, but there’s nothing to fear. The designers of the app used state-of-the-art technology and followed all protocols to ensure data safety and users’ privacy.

Perfect Play is available on iOS for now, and an Android version will be launched soon.

The app offers free training, but with limited access to some training games.

You can also use Perfect Play Premium and pay $14.99 a month and get full access to all masterclass content and training programs which also bring its users a personalized training plan that helps them meet their goals.


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