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A personal brand is a big and difficult topic. Today, there is no single definition or tool that dictates the rules and trends. Each specialist speaks about this concept as it is profitable for him, as a result, there is a substitution of terms.

At the same time, many people are interested in this product. Personally, I consider the term “personal brand” as a name, with formed associations in the minds of potential customers. So, when you say “Apple”, there are immediately associations in your head: “status, convenient, beautiful, high-quality”, and they pop up due to the fact that the brand itself dictates them.

Therefore, the first task of the brand is to form associations that will help build expectations. The same thing should be done with a person. A brand can be recognized only with a formed mission, philosophy, values, and knowledge of where to go and what the purpose is. Thanks to this, when people say “I need a website”, a specific person who makes websites immediately pops up in their heads, and the person who built all these associations gets huge brand stability and capitalization.

Today, everything is moving to the Internet – the borders of countries and cities have already been erased, and language borders are also actively disappearing. Therefore, today we want to work with the best, with those who give results, those who are spoken of positively, and those who are recommended. And that’s exactly why modern people want to buy from people.

A personal brand is about recognition, popularity, and reputation. However, for someone, the popularity is 1000 people, for someone – it is a million people. For example, on the topic of business, we know the names of Tony Robinson, Brian Trensey, Robert Kiyosaki.

They develop a personal brand by speaking at various events, publishing books in different languages, and they invest and reinvest in their products. Of course, someone might say that Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, and Robert Trensey are pop, they are not interesting, they are too wide. But clearly, these people know a lot of very deep things that others do not know since they have already achieved such fame.

However, this is a question of personal brand development strategy – either the scale and superficial information that affects everyone or it is a narrow strategy when you are known in narrow professional circles and when people do not say that you are a pop person.

Certainly, this question can be approached from different angles – people get the target. After all, you can get everything you want. And the first of the advantages is stability and the point of no return – even after changing activities and businesses, a person with a personal brand does not start from scratch.

The second advantage is that the income is tens, or even hundreds of thousands of times more than it was. And this is a very important component for merchants. The third one is connected with various privileges and subtleties, in the form of a constant flow of customers, sales for high checks.

Everything is moving towards the fact that there is a monopolization, there are seizures and active stratifications of those who are seen and known and those who are not known. There are millions of companies, millions of people, millions of names, millions of brands in every field, in every activity.

Someone who understands what a brand is and why to invest in it is growing. And the one who does not understand reacts long or late-loses, closes, suffers losses. For example, Amazon started with a bookstore, then it began to attract additional product categories, and in fact, now it has almost everything.

The companies, that are monopolized, represent banks, taxis, food deliveries, shops, and everything at once. Then the companies buy other companies, absorb each other and become even more united. In a personal brand, people do similar things. They first develop themselves and their name. Then they promote their own specific product, and then they start to scale and create monopolization again.

Further, they begin to expand their field of activity from, for example, an Instagram expert, to marketers, and then to transformers or motivators of life. That is, they expand their segment in order to again monopolize in a wider field.

And now some practical tips. How to start a person to engage in a personal brand?

  • The first is to become a person since a brand must have a philosophy, a mission, and value. People will not follow a person without philosophy, because they do not understand where to follow you.
  • The second is to formulate what exactly they should say about you when they see you. You can imagine yourself in a certain place, and the guys are sitting behind and discussing you. These associations and expectations should be fixed: outside and inside.

After all, they say about you what you say about yourself. When we understand what we want to convey about ourselves to the audience, we will understand how to do it by actions, words, and appearance.

The third thing is to create yourself offline and form an image that you will use to convey meaning. You want to be talked about, to go to events, to perform on stage. If you are afraid, you should start with something small, with some mini-masterminds, mini-brainstorms and then go on stage.

Accordingly, they must develop their social networks, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube online and convey certain useful information via these channels.

Quiz: think about what is around you? What brands? Car brands, company brands, computer brands, phone brands, headphones brands, clothing brands, and think – why are you buying this? How did it turn out that you are essentially taking out advertising? You are wearing a T-shirt, a jacket and there is an advertisement on it.

Someone treats it as an advertisement, and someone treats it as a status – it’s cool, it’s Gucci, or it’s Apple, it’s cool or yes, it’s Mercedes, it’s cool. So you want to be attached to some company, you are a fan of this company. So ask yourself a question – how did it happen that you became a fan who drowns for this brand, for this brand and is happy with it. And why don’t they drown you like that?

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