Perth driver has eye removed after cyclist punched him in road-rage attack

Driver is forced to have his EYE removed to avoid a deadly brain infection after a road-raging cyclist ‘stabbed him with a pen’ in a shopping centre car park – but the father of two forgives his attacker

  • Jahrah Kruger allegedly attacked Roble Abdikarin in road-rage assault in Perth
  • Mr Abdikarin was allegedly punched in the eye before being stabbed with a pen
  • He was rushed to hospital and had his eye removed to prevent a brain infection
  • Mr Kruger smashed the windscreen and punched at the passengers window

A driver who lost his eye after a cyclist stabbed him with a pen in a brutal road-rage confrontation has forgiven his attacker despite fearing he would never see his family again and risking a major brain infection.

Roble Abdikarin was exiting the Bentley Plaza Shopping Centre car park in Perth’s south last month when he collided with cyclist Jahrah Kruger.

Roble Abdikarin (pictured) was forced to have his eye removed after he was allegedly attacked outside a shopping centre in Perth

Mr Kruger is alleged to have opened the car door and punched Mr Abdikarin in the eye and ribs before grabbing a pen from the centre console to stab the driver’s arms.

The driver managed to push the cyclist out of his the car but not before his keys were snatched from the ignition, according to 9 News.

Mr Kruger then allegedly smashed Mr Abdikarin’s windscreen and punched at the passengers window before fleeing the scene on his bike. 

‘I was thinking “am I going to see my family again” or is this the last time,’ Mr Abdikarin said. 

The father-of-two was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital before his eye had to be surgically removed to prevent a brain infection. 

Jahrah Kruger (pictured) allegedly punched and stabbed the driver with a pen before fleeing the scene

Jahrah Kruger (pictured) allegedly punched and stabbed the driver with a pen before fleeing the scene

Mr Kruger attended a Perth court on Thursday where he faced six charges including grievous bodily harm.  

Mr Abdikarin, a Somalian refugee, said he has forgiven his alleged attacker despite his loss of eyesight.

‘I always forgive, I’m going to forgive him,’ he said.

Mr Abdikarin said he has been left living in fear since the incident. 

‘I always feel like whoever approaches me wants to attack me,’ he said.

The alleged attacker was refused bail in court.