Petrol prices in Britain have fallen 24% in a year – how does that compare to other countries?

Petrol prices in Britain have fallen 24% in a year and are now 45p-a-litre cheaper: How does that compare to other major countries?

  • Petrol and diesel prices have fallen 24% from record highs seen in 2022
  • UK drivers are paying middling rates for fuel, compared to other countries
  • But UK motorists have also saved the most, with fuel prices falling the fastest

Falling fuel prices are offering relief to motorists in Britain – but how much are drivers  saving compared to other countries?

A year ago the price of petrol and diesel reached record highs, with drivers in many areas paying more than £2-a-litre to fill up.

Now the average motorist is paying 143.47p for a litre of petrol, compared to 188.74p a year ago, according to the AA – a saving of 45.3p.

That means a saving of £25.71 for every 500 miles driven in a petrol car achieving 40 miles per gallon – £81.49 in total, compared to £107.20 last June.

Pump pain: Last year saw petrol and diesel prices spike, hammering drivers at UK forecourts

For diesel, motorists paid 196.36p per litre in June 2022, compared to 145.33p now, 51.3p less.

However, compared to June 2019 petrol costs 15p a litre more and diesel is 11p a litre more expensive.

How petrol prices compare across Europe
Country June 2023 June 2022 Saving 
Norway 172.16 209.03 36.87 
Switzerland 160.17 197.27 37.11 
Greece 160.00 197.85 37.84 
France159.91173.77 13.86 
Germany 158.55 161.12 2.57 
Italy 157.18 168.42 11.24 
Netherlands 156.16 192.30 36.14 
Belgium 146.26 172.29 26.02 
Portugal 143.87 173.12 29.25 
UK 143.47 188.74 45.27 
Sweden 141.80 183.05 41.25 
Ireland 137.10 177.03 39.93 
Spain 136.32 174.80 38.47 
Austria 134.13 170.50 36.37 
Luxembourg 133.28 158.59 25.31 
Cyprus  117.75 146.98 29.23 
US 74.27 109.97 35.70 
Source: the AA, average pump prices in pence per litre   

The cheapest place to fill up with petrol in June is Asda, the AA said, with average petrol prices of 140.01p-a-litre. BP was the most expensive at 145.21p.

For diesel drivers, Sainsbury’s was the cheapest forecourt at 141.36p-a-litre. Again, BP worked out the most costly, at 147.71p.

Average UK petrol prices are in the middle of the pack compared to other countries – but they have fallen the furthest in the past year.

The average UK driver is now saving 45.27p on a litre of petrol, the biggest saving out of all the countries surveyed by the AA. 

The smallest saving was in Germany, where drivers pay just 2.57p per litre less now than they did in June 2022.

For drivers planning on taking their car overseas for a holiday, filling up before leaving British shores could be a smart move.

Petrol in France is currently 16.4p a litre more expensive, though diesel is slightly cheaper, at 143.10p per litre compared to the UK’s average of 145.33p.

Luke Bosdet, from AA, said: ‘With all the gloom of high inflation and rising interest rates, the much lower cost of petrol and diesel gives some cheer heading into the summer season, with a bit more saving for holidaymakers driving into some parts of Europe.’