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Phenibut & Brain Health – Effects, Uses & Potential Benefits

Phenibut is one of the most stimulating drugs on the market. It is a GABA psychotropic that can tackle a series of conditions. For example, some countries give it to those suffering from depression, insomnia, anxiety, alcoholism and other similar affections. In the USA, it is a supplement, yet it is in a gray area.

Phenibut is not 100% natural to be a supplement. In fact, it is a drug that can cause side effects and even addiction when taken in heavy amounts. It is part of an unregulated market, so people can buy it anywhere. With all these, it is most commonly sold online, hence the necessity to research the where to buy Phenibut.

Whether you take it as a drug or a supplement, it is important to know what kind of beneficial effects you can have from it. Often overlooked, effects over the patient’s brain are never to be ignored. So, what should you expect?

Boosting brain health

Phenibut will affect the brain in a few different ways. Understanding the benefits of this supplement is the key to making a good decision. The supplement was initially tested on rats. So far, it has reduced the harsh effects of amnesia. It had similar effects in terms of brain damage. Rats with brain damage due to strokes have recovered extremely fast.

The brain health is not all about recovering after an injury though. Phenibut was proven to stimulate brain blood circulation and multiple deficits – mostly movement and sensory. When taken according to the instructions, it will boost the natural production of new brain cells too. How? It increases the BDNF, which is essential in neurogenesis.

To make it even better, the same tests have shown that it can activate particular genes. Most commonly, Phenibut targets the genes responsible for new blood vessels in the brain. As a direct consequence, the blood flow is significantly improved, as well as its overall health. The flow is better, but also the composition.

Brain maintenance and rehabilitation

According to some recent tests performed by the NCBI, Phenibut was proven to improve memory in rats suffering from different forms of amnesia. Some brain related treatments involve electroshocks. While results can be positive, electroshocks can also harm the brain and cause more damage. The same tests prove that Phenibut is ideal to protect the brain from negative effects.

Despite being part of the same category of drugs with baclofen, Phenibut took some ventures to another level. Baclofen is higher rated, of course. After all, it is a drug regulated accordingly. Phenbibut is a drug regulated as a supplement – hence the possibility to buy Phenibut Walmart or other supermarkets. But when it comes to neuroprotective effects, Phenibut is much stronger.

Another recent study on rats showed that Phenibut is great in improving rehabilitation after a stroke. It also protects the brain against such problems. The thing is, it only works on beings with an active immune system. If the patient’s immune system is almost dead, Phenibut is less likely to help too much.

It is hard to tell what causes all these positive brain effects, but most specialists “blame” it on the GABA enhancement.

Other benefits of Phenibut

Apart from keeping your brain in the best possible condition, Phenibut has a series of other benefits that add to its popularity:

  • Cognitive function enhancement
  • Protection against the chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Less dizziness
  • Protection against ADHD
  • Less heart issues
  • Immune system balancing
  • Less aggression and anxiety
  • Protection against severe headaches
  • Protection against tics and stuttering
  • Help against addictions

Bottom line

As a short final conclusion, it is easy to tell what makes Phenibut such a common supplement/drug. It is a wonder chemical that can be used without a prescription and features a series of advantages. For more info on Phenibut, I highly recommend to visit this site. You can read more about its effects, dosage and how to stack it with other nootropics.

As for the best place to buy Phenibut, it is up to you to do some research. You can find it in local stores and pharmacies as well, but chances are it is cheaper online. The active substance is also sold as Anvifen, Noofen or Fenibut.