Pilot Jimmy Nicholson explains why turbulence is ‘completely fine’ – and shares his hack for calming down on a bumpy flight

A pilot has left thousands of travellers relieved after he revealed why plane passengers have no need to panic during turbulence. 

Jimmy Nicholson, who is a former star of The Bachelor, was travelling with his wife Holly Kingston when their plane hit the worst turbulence the pilot had ever experienced – but he was not one bit concerned. 

While other passengers were panicking, the 33-year-old was relaxed as he knew planes are built to withstand extreme turbulence and will never ‘fall out of the sky’. 

The turbulence on the short flight cause dramatic scenes as the plane shook and passengers screamed and clutched the seats in front of them. 

Jimmy shared his tips for staying calm in the event of bad turbulence including a handy trick using a water bottle. 

Pilot and former Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson (pictured) has revealed why passengers have nothing to worry about when their plane goes through turbulence

The season-nine Bachelor was on a one-hour flight from Barcelona to Menorca while on honeymoon with his wife when their plane hit turbulence.  

‘We’re at the back of the plane so it’s worse here. It’s not comfortable, some of the worst I’ve been in. Could be widespread storms so they just have to pick their path of least resistance to go through,’ he said in a TikTok clip. 

‘Nothing to worry about, planes are built to withstand way worse. Not fun evidentially but completely fine.’

He shared three ways passengers can stop themselves from panicking starting by reminding themselves turbulence is ‘completely normal’. 

‘The plan isn’t going to fall out of the sky,’ he said.

Secondly, he held up a water bottle upside down to show the liquid inside isn’t moving much despite the shaking of the plane. 

Jimmy also recommended giving yourself some air through the air vent and looking out a window if you’re able to.   

The pilot’s clip was seen a whopping 17.7million times as many shared their flying fears and relief over Jimmy’s sound advice. 

‘My brain understands all that logically but my emotions unfortunately take over and put me in full panic mode whenever there’s turbulence,’ one viewer said. 

‘This was actually VERY reassuring,’ another wrote. 

‘I always look at the flight attendants. If they’re not freaking out, I don’t freak out,’ replied a third. 

‘Turbulence scares me so much, it’s one of the things I’m most afraid of. So seeing you so calm helps,’ a fourth added. 

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