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Pint sized pals: Sleepy baby takes a nap ON a Chihuahua 

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  • This is the sweet moment a baby drifts off to sleep on a chihuahua
  • The dog wanders over to the infant who can barely keep its eyes open
  • The pooch sits down on the child, who then begins to fall asleep while leaning on its furry friend

This is the adorable moment a sleepy baby is joined by a dog during its nap.

In the sweet clip the infant can barely keep its eyes open, and is swaying back and forth on the sofa.

Out of nowhere, a light coloured chihuahua appears and wanders over to the child, before sitting on the baby.

The child does not appear to mind the dog’s decision to sit down, and continues to doze off. 

The adorable duo sitting on the grey sofa are about the same size.

The cute baby is dressed in leggings and a grey jumper, with its tiny feet bare. 

The chihuahua then proceeds to sit on the baby but she doesn't seem to mind as she snuggles up to the dog

This adorable baby was joined by an equally cute chihuahua during her afternoon nap

Sucking its thumb, the infant is just about to fall asleep when the dog comes to join in on nap time.

Once the pooch sits down, the child falls forward and appears to take a snooze on the furry friend.

Despite the baby’s exhaustion, the dog does not seem sleepy at all – but was enjoying the cuddles with his young friend.


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