Planning The Ultimate Hens Party

Is your best friend getting married soon, and you wish to throw an epic hen’s party for her? Planning a hens party can be a very stressful job. There are many aspects to look into while planning a successful hen’s night. You need to make sure that everyone is happy with the setup, and especially the bride-to-be should approve the night. When the wedding is around the corner, it becomes tiring to take time out of work and plan a successful night. There is much extensive planning involved. Everything needs to be perfectly organized for a stress-free night, from deciding on games, accessories, venue, ideas, food, and the guests. Planning all this alone can be demanding as you need to make certain that everything is in order.

Contact The Expert Event Planners

Do you wish to make your friend’s hens party unforgettable? In that case, contacting the expert event planner should be the best idea. Many event venues help to organize such events very efficiently. They offer pre-designed hens party packages from which you can pick the one that suits your needs. Creating the right tone is very important for a good hen party. Event venues like The Mediterranean Sydney offer the best hens night packages. By availing of a package that suits all your needs, you can sit back and be carefree about the arrangements. All you need to do is dress well and show up on the decided date.

Tips For Planning A Great Hens Party

To plan an unforgettable hens night, you should put forward your creative side. While hiring an expert planner makes your job easy, you still have the responsibility of choosing the date, venue, and appropriate event package that will suit everyone’s schedule and needs. There are few things you should always keep in mind while planning a girls night out or a hens party-

Picking The Appropriate Date

The event must be scheduled on a day when all the invited guests are available. Usually, a hens party starts early in the evening and goes on till late at night. Thus, it is best suggested that the venue should be booked on the weekends. The bookings must be made a week prior to the decision date to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

Guestlist And Invitations

You must fix the number of guests at the party and send the RSVP invitations to them as soon as you have booked the venue. This prior planning will benefit not just you but the event planners as well! If there is some addition or deletion in the number of guests, you should inform the event planners, too, as they would make changes in the arrangements accordingly.

Avail Of A Party Package That Suits Your Needs

When you are booking the venue for a hens night, you need to be pretty straightforward with what you wish to have on the event night. Every event venue that hosts a hens party offers various packages ranging from dinner only package to an ultimate package with drag shows and striptease. Depending on what package you choose, you and your entourage will get to enjoy activities like cocktail making, life drawing classes, lavish banquets, and lots of bubbly champagne.

There are broadly three packages offered by the hens party specialist in Sydney. Each package comes with several fun things to do for the night. Whether you need just the dinner and dance party, or an ultimate party with male striptease shows and drag race, you can choose any of the three packages as listed.

  • Ultimate Hens Party

The ultimate hens party package includes banquet dinner with cuisine options, life drawing class, cocktail making, burlesque dancing class, male strip show, topless waiters, DJ and dancing, Interactive drag queen show, and free nightclub entry.

  • Men In Uniform- Male Strip Shows

For a wild and fun-filled night, male strip shows are included in ultimate packages as well as the show only package where your girl gang gets to flirt with topless male waiters and the generation men putting on a strip show.

  • Dinner Only

This package includes a Mediterranean cuisine banquet, topless male waiters, fun games, DJ and dancing, interactive drag queen show, and free night club entry.

Enjoy One Of The Best Hens Parties In Sydney

Are you looking forward to enjoying the ultimate hens party for the bride? Or are you just looking for a fun ladies night out? Whatever the case may be, you must contact The Mediterranean Sydney. They organize one of the best hens parties in Sydney. They provide many fun-filled options to make your night a memorable one. Their expert party planners design the evening such that you and your squad get to enjoy each activity mentioned in the package to the fullest. Contact their team via the website or call at (02) 9283 4200 to confer your requirements.