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Play Golf with SwingU Golf APP

We all know that golf is a game of skill, and it is frustratingly tough to drive and pitch. Not only this but also it is way too difficult to put your way around 18 holes in as few strokes as possible. Every golfer needs some help to make their way around, so why not get little help from smartphones and see what it can do? There are many golf apps for both Android and iOS. These apps make the difference between a bogey and a birdie. One of these amazing golf apps is SwingU Golf APP.

SwingU Golf APP

It is a popular golf app with a solid GPS rangefinder and is free. Golf GPS has thousands of golf courses in its database. This amazing app will help you with distances to the green on every hole. It also helps you with highlighting obstacles to avoid with satellite imagery. Golf GPS works to keep track of your handicap as it works as a digital scorecard. It also has extras like wind speed and club recommendations that you can get in only $4 per month with the subscription package. You can also check distances, pars, and scores on your wrist as it has support for the Apple Watch.

Amazing Number of Courses for Golfers

SwingU Golf APP, as you know, is a free GPS distance app for your mobile. All your expectations of a free GPS app will be fully filled when you buy golf GPS devices for upwards of £400. However, this will, of course, will cost you some money. So, if you don’t want to spend the extra money and wish to have your expectations filled, then this app does all this job. This golf gps app is also doing it fairly well. Finding the course you are playing is fairly reliable as this app has more than 21,000 courses in its database.

Get the Aerial Imagery of the Course

Based on where you are standing, this app finds it and portrays aerial imagery of the course. The distance to the center of the green is displaced, and in case if you turn your phone to landscape, this app will display the distance in larger text. This makes finding the yardage you need even easier. With this app getting a clear idea of what is going on around the green before your approach shot. Zoom in and out of the aerial as you like with the best golf app. Playing Golf withSwingU Golf APP is indeed an amazing experience for any golfer.

Fantastic Features of SwingU Golf APP

The ability to touch the screen and check the distance between you and the point that you have just selected is one of the best features of this golf app. You can also find out how far the point is from there to the center of the green. This feature is perfect when you choose where you want to layup to or where you want to hit your tee shots.

The green feature is another amazing and key feature of this app. This feature displays different colored lines on an enlarged image of the green. These lines display distances to the front, middle and back of the green. You can search for courses either by name or based on your location as SwingU Golf APP has one of the best and simplest navigation systems. You can also add or map a course yourself if there is no course available in the database, which is most unlikely to have.

Free App with Full Enjoyment

SwingU Golf APPis a free app, and you will be amazed by its graphics or structure. It does its job amazingly in terms of assisting you around the course. So, if you are looking for a GPS device but don’t have enough money, this app is the perfect one you need to get!