Play Hyper Scape now in open beta

Ubisoft released Hyperscape’s open beta on pc and shared a cinematic trailer for the beta version of battle royale shooter Hyper Scape and they also released a cinematic trailer showing the game story and location. Hyper Scape is the new fast-paced, free to play first-person shooter battle royale game by Ubisoft. And I think they have done a pretty good job. Let’s get into details!

One of the key features of this game is that it takes place in 100% urban area called Neo Arcadia. There will be intense combat on the rooftops in an unprecedented way. It’s no surprise that they have also given our character abilities but here, you can loot abilities as well as weapons and rule-bending hacks according to your playstyle. You and your squad will usually find these at the rooftops of building and it’s not difficult to reach the altitude.

They have put launchpads on the streets which bounce you into the skyline and pathways on buildings you can climb through. Adapting to this kind of playstyle is fairly easy. Another thing that you should know is that Neo Arcadia isn’t a real city. It is a VR Metropolis located on the internet. This allows for a little bending of rules when it comes to special abilities and hacks. Some of the hacks are similar to other battle royale games like the wall ability where a wall is made between two players to lose sight, Like Fortnite.

Now, It’s pretty obvious that the last one standing in the ring is the winner but that’s not all. They have introduced another way of claiming victory; the crown system, where the first player or squad to grab and hold on to the crown for 45 seconds will win; irrespective if the other squad is dead or not. Getting the crown encourages you to make the most use of double jumping through roofs. Another thing that they have introduced is that you can upgrade your weapons and increase damage just by simply looting more and more of that same weapon. I have played this game for many hours and honestly, I can’t get enough.  Few other things you can do is deploy a wall, heal yourself and your squad, teleport, armor, plant a mine, reveal enemies and become invisible.

Is Hyperscape for you? It’s definitely worth checking it out if you are interested in a new battle royale game and on top of it, it’s free. Then, Why not! It does have some unique things and it’s fairly put together and you may like it.

Hyperscape, according to me, is a fast-paced duplication of the battle royale genre but puts fun at the center and honestly, there is nothing more fun than rooftop leaps and launchpad assaults or using an aimbot. Even more fun is using a hyperscape wallhack and knowing where the enemies are at all times. Hyperscape may need to introduce few other killer features before it’s official launch to guarantee itself a spot on the battle royale podium.