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Poker Online- A Brief On Different Variants Of Poker

Poker online is a game of cards. As we know in deck of cards 52 cards are there through these cards players has to make hands according to ranking rules. The player who forms the hand of highest value wins the game.

Here we are going to discuss about most played variants of poker and their basic rules to play the game.

Texas Hold’em: This is very simple to understand but very tough to master in it. It’s the most popular among the players of poker.

Now have an idea how to play:

  • In this game the term is used to describe forced bets are blinds. Player who is sitting to the left of dealer is called the small blind and the next player to the left is known as big blind.
  • Each player has two cards with him. Betting on the first round starts from the person who is sitting left to the big blind. All players can call the big blind, fold or rise.
  • After the first round ends dealer burns the one card face down then put three community cards face up in the middle of table. Then the second round starts for betting with the person who is sitting to the left of the dealer.
  • Now the dealer burns and dealt a fourth community card, and again betting starts. Fourth community card is known as turn and fifth community card is called as river. After the fifth community card dealt final round of betting starts.
  • Player has to make the best hand combination to win the game by the help of two hole cards in his hand and three community cards.

Though it is easy to understand, lots of action, has advanced strategies but people find its level higher than other games. Some don’t like it because it is volatile.

Pot Limit Omaha: It is very much similar to Hold’em but there are some rules of it which are differ to Hold’em.

Now understand poker online rules:

It has blinds and five community cards with all betting rounds same as Hold’em like fold, turn & river. The difference which we spot is that every player gets to have four hole cards. In this type you have to play with exactly two of your hole cards along with three community cards to form the best combination of five cards.

Difficulties which players faces to play PLO:

People like it for having a lot of action in it. You have four cards with you and can make more hands with them. Means player can bluff a lot. If you are just a beginner then this is very difficult for you to play. Raising & betting is not easy as it seems, even for experienced players also. You cannot easily judge for betting.

Now see how player can have an idea about to bet & rise:

You can bet in this type of variant is the amount of pot plus your move towards the outstanding bets.

At first multiply the last bet with three after that add pot amount with the other remaining wagers.

Like if the pot is having amount of 10rs in pot and you are having a bet of 5rs having one additional caller, then you can raise up to 30rs. (5*3+10+5=30)

Omaha Hi Lo: In this type of game two players get the amount of pot means the money is divided between the highest and lowest hand.

Rules to follow in poker online:

  • In this type of game each player has four cards with them, it uses blinds. Player bets in betting rounds flop, turn, and river.
  • Each player has to form two separate hands by using two of his hole cards and the three board cards.
  • If any player has high hand and lower hand both then he can win the all amount inside the pot that is known as scooping.

It is good for the players who want to think much as it is complex, to figure out hands, draws, and for beginners it is not easy to judge the others move and make their moves.

2-7 Triple Draw:

This game is played in limit. It has blinds but not have community cards.

In this variant one must have the best low hand of five cards like 2, 3,4,5,7.

It has concept of dealer button. Each person is having with five cards and betting starts from the player who is sitting left to big blind. All players can draw up to new five cards after the rounds of betting. Here players play four rounds of betting. After the final round of betting players need to show down the cards to decide the winner.

Some like it for limiting betting some don’t. Here there are no community cards and no face up cards so bluffing is the only way to win.

It has its another variant as no limit 2-7 single draw in which only player plays two rounds of betting on draws one. With this variant you can bet and raise as you want to do.

Five Card Draw:

Every player is having five cards and betting starts from the person who is sitting left to the big blind. After that player can exchange the cards for the new cards starting from the player to the left of the dealer. Then the again betting round starts from the player who is left of the dealer. Then players need to show down their cards and the best combination of five card hand wins.

This is the higher version of 2-7 triple draw. Since the player doesn’t have community cards and can not see other players cards so player who is good with his strategies has the possibility to win the game.

Chinese poker online:

This variant is absolutely different from the other types of poker. These are some basic rules of Chinese poker which should be learning.

  • This variant needs four players.
  • Every player is having 13 cards and they need to arrange them in three different poker hands.
  • The one hand is front hand or we can say top hand, which is the hand with the lowest ranking of three cards among the three (top hand, middle hand & bottom hand).
  • The other hand is the middle one which is having higher ranking hand than the front hand. Poker hands are the combination of five cards.
  • The bottom hand which is five hand card combination and having highest ranking hand of the three.
  • Every player can score each hand in against with the corresponding hand of another player.
  • Players agree on some amount per point before the start of the game. player can win one point for each and every hand which he wins against another player.
  • Some players are too smart that they are able to win all three hands i.e. scooping.
  • Players who like gambling like this variant of poker.
  • Its is easy to play with and player has 13 cards to look at a one time. But for the beginners it is difficult to score.

It has one variant as Open Face Chinese Poker in this type players do not have all the 13 cards at once, every person begins with 5 cards with that they start to form three hands. There after every player draws one card one by one and forms their hands.

Since you draw one card at a time you play the game with more excitement.

Horse: these are the games which are in horse i.e.

  • H hold’em
  • O Omaha hi-lo
  • R  Razz

Seven card stud eight

  • Players play each game every one orbit before moving to the next.
  • All games are having fixed betting.


It has a different set of rules to which you have seen before.

  • All the players have four cards dealt face down.
  • In this variant betting begins from the player left to the dealer and game continue in a clockwise direction.
  • Once betting is done players can exchange card to each other to have new ones.
  • Total three draws are there then final round of betting starts. Any player can show down his cards to see the winner.
  • Here a player has to make the lowest ranking hand of cards which are unsuited and unpaired.
  • In this variant aces are considered as having low ranking so the one of best combination hands can be ace, 2, 3, 4.
  • This variant has similarity to 2-7 triple draw.
  • It also doesn’t have up cards or community cards to guide players what the other players have.

So this is all about poker online and its different variants, their rules. Here we mentioned what are the complexities and difficulties which a player can face. Somehow we feel that the basic rules are the same if we know them that will be easy for us to understand all of these variants and can play any of them. Player with having strategies, basic knowledge of game, who is able to read his opponents and his moves can able to win the game.