Police close investigation into man who nibbled on a boy’s ear in viral World Snooker Championship video after BBC broadcast alarmed viewers

  • Viewers noticed the strange moment during a BBC broadcast back in April 
  • The incident took place as Steven Hendry was speaking during a break in play 
  • The police closed the case, determining that no crime had been committed  

The police have closed their case investigating a video that went viral back in April, which showed a man nibbling the ear of a boy while on BBC broadcast. 

Seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry was speaking during a break in play in BBC’s coverage of the afternoon session when the disturbing moment could be seen in the background over his left shoulder.

The man, relation unknown, appeared to whisper in the child’s ear before proceeding to nibble on his ear with viewers left shocked.

The boy seem unfazed as he noticed he could be seen on the live broadcast and then smiled and waved towards the camera as the man pulled back.

The man then realises he is being recorded and breaks out in a cheesy grin before wobbling his head back and forth. 

A man (right) was seen biting a boy’s ear during the BBC’s Snooker coverage back in April

South Yorkshire Police have confirmed that they have closed their investigation into the incident 

South Yorkshire Police had confirmed that they were ‘reviewing’ the footage after being made aware of the video. a man was seen biting on a young boy’s ear during Thursday’s coverage of the World Championship at The Crucible in Sheffield.

Mail Sport contacted the South Yorkshire Police back in April, who said: ‘Yesterday, Thursday 25 April at 9.20pm, we received a call to inform us of a video circulating on social media of a man and a boy at the Crucible in Sheffield.

‘We are aware of the footage and officers will be reviewing the content.’

A spokesperson for the World Snooker Tour then added: ‘we are aware of this incident and it is now a police matter’. 

However, almost two months later, the police have now confirmed that the investigation has been closed. 

A spokesperson told Metro.co.uk: ‘Following review of the video, officers have determined no crime has been committed and the investigation has been filed.’

The video had amassed over 12million views and 58,000 likes by the following  morning with X users expressing their horror.

The fan who originally posted the clip of the incident on social media wrote ‘What the f*** did I just see?!’ with the ‘sick’ emoji. 

‘This is very troubling’, wrote one, while another said ‘I just threw up’.

Many went as far as to argue that the boy needed protection and that the man should be arrested.

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