Police have found no evidence of the crash that saw 76ers forward Kelly Oubre Jr ‘caught in a hit-and-run’… but officers insist the NBA star has not  been accused of any wrongdoing

  • Surveillance video from a nearby business did not show the accident described 
  • Sources believe Oubre didn’t know what part of the neighborhood he was in 
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Police have yet to find surveillance footage of the alleged hit-and-run involving 76ers forward Kelly Oubre Jr. 

None of the footage recovered so far shows that a crash happened at the Center City intersection where Oubre claims he was hit on Saturday night. 

Two employees from a nearby business reportedly reviewed two hours worth of footage from that night and didn’t see the crash.

‘The Police Department currently does not have any video or photographic evidence that depicts this collision,’ a spokesperson said via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

‘We continue to work in hopes of gathering evidence and we encourage anyone who has information to reach out to our crash investigation unit.’

The police were keen to point out, according to the Inquirer, that Oubre has not been accused of anything and the investigation remains in progress.

Surveillance video did not show the wreck that injured Philadelphia 76ers guard Kelly Oubre Jr

Sources familiar with the accident told the Inquirer that Oubre may not have given an accurate account of where the crash took place.

He’s only been with the Sixers since September 26 and only moved into the Center City neighborhood recently.

Sources also said that Oubre was shaken up by his injuries when he spoke to police.

Police reports say that the crash occurred in the 1400 block of Spruce Street around 7:20pm on Saturday.

The report says Oubre was reportedly walking west when a silver vehicle speeding in the same direction tried turning south onto a different street – but struck him in the upper chest with the driver’s-side mirror.

Oubre signed with the 76ers in free agency just prior to the start of the season. Before then, he was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks with the 15th overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.

But he never played for Atlanta, and his draft rights were flipped to the Washington Wizards in a three-team deal that eventually landed them Tim Hardaway Jr.

Sources believe that Oubre - who only recently moved to the city - wasn't aware of his location

Sources believe that Oubre – who only recently moved to the city – wasn’t aware of his location

Oubre just joined the 76ers in free agency this offseason and recently moved to Center City

Oubre just joined the 76ers in free agency this offseason and recently moved to Center City

Oubre played two full seasons in Washington before he was traded alongside Austin Rivers to the Phoenix Suns for Trevor Ariza.

Following two seasons in the desert, he was one of the key pieces in a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder that saw Chris Paul join Phoenix. Days later, Oubre was flipped to the Golden State Warriors.

In the 2021 offseason, Oubre inked a two-year deal with the Charlotte Hornets which lapsed this past summer.

Over the course of his career, Oubre averages 12.8 points, 4.4 rebounds, and one assist per game. 

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