Pomeranian Muffin reunited with John Kotowskyj after a year missing in Melbourne

Family whose pomeranian named ‘Muffin’ went missing a year ago are relieved and angry as he comes back home with an EYE missing after a horrific injury

  • Muffin, 10, went missing from his family’s backyard in Melbourne last year 
  • Owner, John Kotowskyj believes his dog was stolen after it returned with injuries 
  • Muffin had to undergo life saving surgery to have one of his eyes removed 

A family has miraculously been reunited with their Pomeranian more than a year after he went missing.

John Kotowskyj’s beloved pet ‘Muffin’ was returned to the family on Thursday after he was taken from their backyard in Ascottvale, Melbourne last year.

However the reunion was bittersweet because Muffin needed urgent surgery to remove an eye.  

Muffin, the Pomeranian cross terrier went missing more than a year ago and was returned to the Kotowskyj family with an eye missing (pictured)

‘I think he was stolen…we just came home one day and he was gone,’ Mr Kotowskyj told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We were quite happy to have him back, nice relief from whoever had to bring him back.

‘But there’s a tinge of anger in the whole thing because you know he’s been taken or stolen.’ 

Muffin was returned to the family after he was taken to the vets in a serious condition.

But the vet is unable to tell Mr Kotowskyj, a father of two, what happened or who brought him in.  

‘The vet couldn’t give me any details of who brought him in, just that he had possibly been injured by another dog,’ Mr Kotowskyj said. 

Muffin's owner, John, assumes the dog was stolen and believes there may be a dognapper in the area after a neighbour's dog also disappeared

Muffin’s owner, John, assumes the dog was stolen and believes there may be a dognapper in the area after a neighbour’s dog also disappeared

‘It’s sort of mixed emotions.’

‘He was very scruffy. He hadn’t been taken care of in the way you would like,’ he said.

The engineer said his other dog had also gone missing and believes that there is a prolific dognapper in the area.

A neighbour’s dog had also disappeared, only to turn up four months later with a different collar and lead on. 

‘It’s very disconcerting when they go missing. You can’t stop it. You can’t go to anyone to investigate,’ Mr Kotowskyj said.

Muffin is recovery well and Mr Kotowskyj said he was almost back to normal.  

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