Porcelain Paving Direct – Things you should know before buying porcelain

Porcelain is a beautiful choice for your patio flooring. Perhaps this is why so many people are being converted to the material over the more traditional types.

Because porcelain is still the contemporary choice, there probably isn’t as much information online about the material as there could be. Porcelain Paving Direct is here to help if you’re still in the dark.

The benefits of porcelain paving

Arguably the strongest advantage porcelain paving offers your garden is that it absorbs next to no moisture. When water seeps into our paving material, it can stimulate the growth of unwanted algae or moss, producing an ugly appearance and the potential for slipping.

The beauty of porcelain is that this is not going to happen thanks to hardly any absorption of water when it rains or when you hose your garden. The UK seasons can be unpredictable, with rain striking at any time, so this will offer you some peace of mind.

What else does this mean? Very little maintenance is required to maintain a healthy appearance. Most maintenance of material is centered around ridding the surface of unwanted weeds etc. but you won’t need to do this with porcelain.

The fact that porcelain is easy to wipe makes it a remarkably simple slab to clean. Stains shouldn’t be an issue for you as you look to get rid of any mess created.

Does porcelain even have health benefits? According to some, yes! Because there isn’t the possibility of dust collection or things like pollen, you’re reducing the chance of a reaction, which isn’t strictly the case for other materials.

The strength and durability of porcelain shouldn’t be ignored either. Many believe that it doesn’t hold up against sandstone or granite, which do have a host of benefits, but porcelain is remarkably dense thanks to it facing incredible degrees of heat in production.

Selecting your porcelain

Uniformity for slabs is often desired and porcelain can be a great choice in this regard – although multi-coloured options are available. The material is human-made, which makes it easy to get the exact same look for each slab your landscaper is laying.

Ask us about any queries on the slabs that you might and our dedicated team can point you in the right direction.

For example, you might wonder whether porcelain works inside your home as well as in the garden. The good news is that it definitely does and matching your interior flooring with your exterior paving can give you a satisfyingly matching look.

The number of finishes available to you, because the material is made by people, means you’re spoilt for choice, especially when comparing the range to what other materials can brag. Perhaps it’s a traditional look you’re going for, or maybe you want something more modern? Numerous options are available for customers to consider.

If it’s a sample that you’re looking for or just more information, everything you need to know about porcelain paving can be found on the Porcelain Paving Direct website.