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Portable Two-Way Radio: PoC Radios vs. Walkie Talkies

In the last decade, communication technology made some significant leaps forward. Nowadays, through the internet and smartphones, people worldwide are more interconnected than ever before. The benefits of these tools are undeniable. However, for faster and more stable transmission, the two-way radio has its advantages.

Today we will look at two different types of portable two-way radio: the PoC radio and the walkie talkie. The two terms often are used interchangeably, yet there is a distinction. In this article, we will look at these two devices and explain their differences.

About PoC Radio

The Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) is a mobile communication system for command and dispatch, which utilizes mobile phone networks and WIFI (3G, GSM, 4G). PoC radios can be both stationary and portable. Connected to the cloud-based PoC Server, PoC radio service allows us to better store and manage information. PoC technology is adopted by private enterprises or public institutions to fulfill numerous purposes. Their application can be seen in public security, urban management, transportation, emergency rescue, and large-scale event organization. PoC radios can be quickly implemented and a cost-effective solution to improve work efficiency.

On the other hand, a walkie talkie is a “handheld” portable two-way radio. The history of the device goes back far in the past. Walkie talkies use a half-duplex (HDX) system able to transmit in both directions. However, the instrument cannot have simultaneous transmission, and it uses a single radio channel.

Differences Between PoC Radio and Walkie Talkie

The definition of “walkie-talkie” and “PoC radio” may seem to overlap. In truth, there are substantial differences between the two tools. Here below, we will talk about the main distinctions:

Number of frequencies

The first aspect to talk about is the number of frequencies. Walkie talkies have only basic functions and one frequency. On the contrary, PoC radios have a wide range of channels. The instances can be private or can be managed by the cloud server. Keep in mind walkie talkies need licenses to transmit while PoC radios do not require them.

Range and Coverage

As for walkie talkies, they are mostly used for short-range transmission. The range of the equipment usually can be within ten to twenty miles. On the other hand, PoC radios can benefit from long-range wireless connectivity. If properly set up, PoC radio service can keep dislocated working teams connected locally, nationally, or even internationally. When compared with conventional radios, PoC technology exploits public networks and does not require repeaters to expand its coverage.


One of the greatest advantages of PoC radio is to be able to send and receive communications simultaneously. Users can speak and hear at the same time. By contrast, walkie talkies have only one transmission capability. For new users, this method can make problems occur when conveying the message. In addition, PoC radios have clear transmissions. The latest audio processing built-in speakers can provide outstanding audio quality and noise cancellation.

Additional Features

Talking about additional features, newly developed versions can voice recording, taking pictures, and a GPS integrated. Besides, they offer many useful modes together with emergency features to assure worker safety of operation.

Ultimately walkie talkies and PoC radios have both their advantages. The first aim at simplicity, while the second option tries to offer a more professional service.


Recently, we have seen a new product coming on the market. Gaining more and more popularity, we have witness Hytera PNC550 PoC Radio. This refined piece of equipment offers a professional Push-to-talk function combined with a smartphone interface. Needless to say, if you are interested in implementing PoC solutions in your business, you need to rely on experienced providers.

Hytera is dedicated to providing customized and complete professional communications solutions to government and public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business to improve organizational efficiency and make the world safer.

For those who want to achieve more safety and productivity on the job, PoC radio is the natural choice for you.

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