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Prank Call Apps you will need to pull off the Perfect Prank Call

Is it payback time for that one friend or family member?

Prank calling can be hilarious, but believe it or not, it requires a bit more time than you think to deliver the perfect prank call.

Planning and proper execution are vital, you are more likely to mess it up if you are doing it on a whim or even worse drunk.

Furthermore, if you’re not careful, you risk your caller ID being discovered. This can lead to legal issues if done with the wrong person, and no prank is ever worth it.

Below is a list of prank call apps which eliminates those issues entirely, and make prank calling safer and that much more fun. Let’s Begin!

Pocket Casts

If you want to make a great prank call or intend to do it regularly, you’ll probably want some inspiration and insight on what makes a great prank call.

This is where Pocket Casts comes in.

Pocket Casts is an app which provides a multitude of podcasts discussing almost every topic, within this selection are podcasts dedicated to prank calls.

Some of these include Madhouse Radio and The Snow Plow Show for example.

These podcasts provide episodes weekly and showcase the freshest funniest prank calls to date. This is useful because it can give you insight into what makes a great prank call, as the content is original and new.

So what are you waiting for? Listen and create new ideas or replicate current fresh ones from the show!

Magic call – Voice changer app

Perhaps the hardest step to pulling off a prank call is the ability to change your voice convincingly enough to fool close friends and family. After all, the jig is up if they can tell it’s you on the other line. The next step is to find an excellent voice changer app.

With the Magic call- Voice changer app this will not be a problem and is perfect particularly for prank callers who need to change their voice convincingly.

This app allows you to change your voice in real-time, offering a large selection of different voices to choose from. These include Male or Female, celebrities such as Kim Kardasian and Donald Trump, cartoon voices and many more.

Furthermore, you can add different background noises such as Halloween, James Bond, Romantic and Scary themes.

Both functions give you the versatility to become more creative and exciting with your prank calls, ensuring you get the best reactions every time.

You can also test your voice before making a call, allowing for trial and error when trying different voices and background effects. All calls will be recorded so it can be shared with friends and family to relive the fun.

Ownage Pranks – Prank Call App

If time isn’t on your side or you are just not particularly good at coming up with good prank ideas yourself then it’s time to download the Ownage Pranks prank call app.

Currently, a youtube channel with millions of subscribers this prank call channel has released its very own prank call app.

This app provides pre-recorded prank calls with a large number of different scenarios. Each of these is uniquely scripted with titles such as ‘Cat Facts’, ‘Phoney Chinese Restaurant Order’, ‘Embarrassing Pharmacy Order’ and many many more.

The ideas for prank calls are endless and best of all it’s free, 3 credits are given to your account daily.

One of the best features of this app is its simplicity when making the prank dial. It’s effortless and quick to use.

To begin, choose a scenario which suits the person you’re calling, select the contact then call. All calls are recorded and can be submitted to the Ownage Pranks hall of fame, which is an online community featuring the best prank call reactions.

Security is also a priority as your caller ID is secure, the app uses your wifi to make calls and not your phone network.

Automatic Call Recorder

Although this app is not primarily used for prank calls, it is an excellent tool nonetheless. If you managed to pull off the perfect prank call it’s just as important to have the perfect recording.

This app provides extremely clear playbacks which is essential if you wish to submit your prank calls online or even start your own prank call channel.

Feel free to make as many prank calls as you want as the number of recordings is unlimited. Recordings can also be integrated with DropBox and Google Drive™, which can be synchronized to the cloud.


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