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Pranksters jump the fence of the set of EastEnders and defecate on Arthur Fowler’s bench

Four men broke onto the set of EastEnders before sneaking into the Queen Vic and defecating on Arthur Fowler’s bench.

The YouTube pranksters jumped the fence at the BBC’s soaps studio in Elstree before going on a rampage.

The group roamed backstage, exploring empty houses and backstreets.

‘Guys we’re on the set of EastEnders right now, it’s so funny,’ YouTuber Lee Marshall says at the start of the video.

But the night took a turn for the obscene when one of the men decided to ‘take a dump on Arthur Fowler’s bench’.

‘Mate I can’t believe you’ve just done that,’ says one of the intruders.

Later, Marshall, who filmed the escapade, wrote: ‘Disgusted that one of the guys I was exploring with took a dump on Arthur Fowler’s bench.

‘I didn’t approve of that but each to their own.’

‘Guys we’re on the set of EastEnders right now, it’s so funny,’ he says at the start of the video.’

However, the lads’ antics did not continue for long.

Soon the police were on the scene and arrested the marauding men.

Their equipment was seized and they spent a night in the cells. The group was also banned from the EastEnders set for life.

Marshall maintains he had no intention of stealing anything and was only there to film.

Lee Marshall (filming) was arrested along with three other men after breaking into the EastEnders set

He spent 12 hours in police custody and paid £150 to retrieve his van from an impound station.

Lee Marshall, who vlogs under the name DiscoBoy, rose to fame after invading the stage at the World Darts Championship before lifting the Sid Waddell trophy.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Police told Mirror Online: ‘Police were called shortly after 3am on Tuesday, March 20 to report that three people had allegedly gained access to premises in Eldon Avenue, Borehamwood.

‘Officers attended and three men were arrested on suspicion of burglary. A fourth man was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit burglary. All four have been released under investigation while enquiries continue.’

A BBC Spokesperson told: ‘We never comment on security matters.’