Predicting Bitcoin Future: What to Expect

Predicting the future of a particular trend can be tricky, but it is not impossible. Bitcoin is a digital currency that gained popularity in recent years. There are investors who are buying the digital currency and selling it at a higher rate. Some are offering their services and getting paid in bitcoins! This has become a lucrative business and most people are counting on it.

You would notice that people have grand retirement plans! Some people are actually investing in bitcoins so that they can spend their retirement years peacefully and lucratively.  claims that getting their software will help you make tons of money every single day! The question is – Is it REALLY going to help you become rich?

This post is all about predicting the bitcoin future. Bitcoin is certainly popular as of now, but the future is uncertain! Let’s find out whether the trend will fizzle off or bitcoin investment will make you richer ten years down the line!

The Heated Debate Around the Future of Cryptocurrency

The investors want to believe in the fact that bitcoins are here to stay! However, there has been a mixed reaction when it comes to predicting the future of cryptocurrency.

As per the founder of Morgan Creek, the price of bitcoin may hit up to $500K in just 10 years. This is a whopping amount and he says that bitcoins are the digital form of gold, but they are superior because it can be easily transferred online. The increased interest  in bitcoin will be the reason for its growth and success.

Bitcoin entered the world in the year 2009 and we have seen it from our own eyes that the price has gone up to $19000/bitcoin. Of course there are critiques that talk about bitcoin industry being a bubble waiting to burst.

Another big-shot founder, John Mcafee, claims that by 2020 each unit will be of $500k value. However, he did not even stop after making that statement. The founder mentioned that the value could reach $2.6 million/bitcoin in the same timeframe.

What’s Your Game Plan

If you are interested in making tons of money through bitcoin exchange and selling then stick with it. With consistency comes growth, you will see the numbers rising! Start afresh and understand how bitcoins work. In few years down the line, you will be rich! All it takes is patience and a smart mind. Smart investors know the exact timing when they should be selling the bitcoin!