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Preparing for Christmas – The ultimate Christmas countdown checklist

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Some people are eager, while others can’t think of it yet. Of course, we are talking about Christmas. Are you already preparing or do you need some help? Get ready for the Christmas season with these handy tips!

Gift shopping, start early

Something you can’t start early enough is of course buying presents. Buying gifts for everyone can be a stressful experience if you don’t start early. So make sure you know in time who you are going to buy presents for.

Ask for their wishes in time and go shopping, online or in the city.

Christmas tree

One of the most important parts of Christmas is of course the Christmas tree. Maybe you have an artificial Christmas tree and you don’t have to think about buying a real one. If you want a real Christmas tree, it takes a little more planning.

First, it’s important to think about what kind of Christmas tree you want. The most purchased Christmas tree in the Netherlands is the Nordmann, but you can of course choose the traditional Norway spruce. Are you looking for a special Christmas tree?

Then the Serbian spruce or Japanese fir might be something for you! Next, it is important to determine where and when you are going to buy the tree. Take into account the transport of the Christmas tree and its lifespan of the tree.

The needles will fall out and nobody wants a bare Christmas tree.


Lighting creates a cozy atmosphere during the Christmas season. Christmas lights in the tree are a must to create the Christmas atmosphere within your house. But there are many more options.

You can hang an illuminated star in front of your window, make a wreath with lights, and did you ever think about a LED Christmas tree in your garden? A LED Christmas tree is a perfect way to create a sparkling atmosphere outside.

At Fairybell for example, you can purchase these Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes.

Everyone can find something of their choice.

Christmas cards

Some find it old-fashioned, others cheerfully send them every year to many acquaintances: we are talking about Christmas cards.

Maybe you prefer to send everyone a message on Whatsapp, but if you still want to send Christmas cards, this also requires some preparation. For example, you have to think about who you want to send a card to.

It is important to acquire the addresses. Nowadays, not everyone carries an address book in their bag, so make sure you get addresses during the year and save them somewhere where you can find them again by the end of the year.

Then it’s time to buy Christmas cards. Order them online or buy them in a store. Perhaps the most tricky part is deciding what to write on the card. A simple message ‘Merry Christmas’ is of course fine, but you can also come up with something more original.

Let your imagination run wild!