PRINCE2 Project Management – What You Need to Know

“Project” means a commission process in the matter of work, materials, timeline, and so on. Basically, a project starts when you know in your mind that something needs to be done and you want to accomplish it as soon as possible. It ends the moment the work starts, as outlined on a PRINCE2 Course and training.

Projects can be small or big, personal or professional. Big projects can take over your life and focus all of your attention to one project, but a few important points are to be taken care of.

You can not manage something you don’t understand. You don’t understand what the plan is and when it starts and what it needs to be accomplished. Even the smallest details matter and they need to be made sure that they are considered when planning a project.

The first step consists of all necessary resources: time, people, means. Making a project starts with thinking about  what needs to be accomplished and it is usually made up of smaller tasks that are specific to the area where the project takes place.

The second step is the inception: planning. This is the core of the process and is where most people ditch before starting because it is overwhelming. The most common approach is the waterfall method: a chain of events that are connected one to another and each has its own requirements that should be handled.

The third step is the planning phase. This is where the specific details that were mentioned in the previous step come into play. Each one has its own importance and it is how the project should run or not that is being decided upon here.

This is where you start to use software such as Microsoft Project to organize the process of taking care of each part that is connected to the whole. You can also use cards and post-it notes to help locate information easily. The more software that you use the easier it is to run your project smoothly.

When your whole team is focused on the one project it is easy to see that all extras are covered. You will barely have to think about the foot print of what you are doing and what has to be done about the other tasks. As you can see, this infects everything that is connected to the project and can cause confusion in the middle of the project.

You should always be on top of what is going on with your project and software can help you to detect any potential problems before they start to affect your project. You can also run reports so that you can see what is going on and you can also verify that everything is working as planned.

Distribution is very important for a project and it is also one of the most difficult things to do manually. It concerns the many diverse parts that need to be handled and divided among your team.

There are three levels of distribution that you need to be aware of:

Projects that are highly dependent on distribution are those that can not be scheduled without a lot of planning. It is very easy to lose track of things once things start to move along by themselves.

Distribution can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing, especially when some people are only meant to receive information in certain ways. It is crucial that you can be clear on your goals when you distribute the project.

Know your audience: It is true that a large part of the project’s completion will depend on the quality of the information that is distributed with the project as well as the accessibility of it. You can not expect to guarantee that you will never have to go through this trouble once you are working on a project. Use a program that is easy to access and modify as well as compatible with your system.

Make a map: Another source of motivation when you are dreaming of a successful project is the organizational skills that you have. You can not kiss all your goodbye after you are finished the project and that is why it is important to have a good plan for the directory of your future projects. Make a functional project plan as well understanding what your current resources are and where they are.

Know your budget: Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult parts of the whole process because you really have no idea how large your project is. The size of your project can be determined with the help of the software that you will be using. Make sure that you have the necessary budget for you to succeed in the future projects as well as for the allocation for the ongoing projects.