Princess Charlene of Monaco denies ‘exhausting’ rumours about trouble in her marriage to Prince Albert – and reveals the reason she deleted her Instagram account

Princess Charlene of Monaco has once again denied rumours her marriage to Prince Albert is on the rocks, describing such reports as ‘exhausting’. 

The Monegasque royal, 45, has just returned to Monaco after a solo trip to her native South Africa where she was visiting family. 

The trip marked her first visit to the country since 2021, when she suffered a horror illness which kept her away from her husband and eight-year-old twins for several months because she was unable to fly.

During her most recent visit, she revealed in an interview that she is tired of hearing rumours of trouble in her marriage to 65-year-old Albert, and admitted she has no idea where they come from – while also shedding light on her decision to delete her Instagram page this summer.

The comments come after she told a publication in Monaco that she is ‘serene and happy’ in her marriage – denying rumours that surfaced in German and French media that she was now ‘living in Switzerland’ and that her marriage was ‘ceremonial’.

Princess Charlene, 45, has labelled rumours about trouble in her marriage to Prince Albert, 65, as ‘exhausting’

Speaking to South Africa’s News24, the Princess, who shares twins Jacques and Gabriella with Prince Albert, said: ‘I find the rumours [about my marriage] tiring and exhausting.’

In particular, she was referring to claims made in German newspaper Bild and French outlet Voici that she had moved to Switzerland and returned to Monaco ‘by appointment’ to carry out official engagements with the Prince.

Insisting there is ‘nothing wrong’ with her marriage, the former Olympic swimmer said: ‘I just don’t understand where these rumors come from.’

The royal mother-of-two explained she deleted her Instagram account to protect her family's privacy

The royal mother-of-two explained she deleted her Instagram account to protect her family’s privacy

Speculation about the couple’s marriage was further fuelled this summer when Charlene deleted her Instagram account.

However, the mother-of-two shut down speculation around her decision, claiming it was purely to protect the privacy of her children.

She revealed she wants to keep the twins away from the ‘pressure’ of life in the public eye for as long as possible – although she admits they are already picking things up. 

Speaking about the close-knit siblings, she said she is ‘grateful’ to know they will always be there for one another.

Princess Charlene made her return to public engagements in Monaco on Monday night when she joined the Monegasque Seniors Association for a celebratory evening.

She beamed as she shared a ballroom dance with one of the members of the association, and received an elegant bunch of flowers from other members.

Reports that Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s relationship was on shaky ground date back to their wedding day in 2011 when she was dubbed the ‘Runaway Bride’ by French media for reportedly trying to flee before the ceremony (a suggestion she later laughed off).

In 2021, Princess Charlene’s extended visit to South Africa once again fired up the rumour mill, as she was not seen in Monaco for 10 months.

Upon her return to the principality, Albert claimed she was ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘unwell’, telling People magazine that it became ‘pretty evident’ a few hours after Charlene’s return that she was ‘unwell’, before going to Switzerland for further treatment.

He said the former Olympian ‘realised she needed help’, adding: ‘She was overwhelmed and couldn’t face official duties, life in general or even family life.’

The Prince said the final decision making process about treatment involved an intervention-style meeting with family members, explaining: ‘I sat her down with her brothers and a sister-in-law. She had already made her decision, and we only wanted her to confirm it in front of us. She wanted this.

‘She already knew the best thing to do was to go and have a rest and have a real medically framed treatment. And not in Monaco. For privacy reasons, it would have to be someplace outside of Monaco.’

Meanwhile he revealed Gabriella and Jacques would ‘visit’ Charlene once they had the ‘medical go-ahead’, saying the twins ‘knew she was tired’ and ‘not quite herself.’