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Proceeds from Meghan Markle’s Vogue edition will NOT go to charity - The #1 Luxury Dating Site

The Duchess of Sussex’s editorship of Vogue is a huge triumph for her ‘global brand’, but will jar with many of the Royal Family’s traditional followers, PR experts have said.

Meghan has sent shockwaves through the showbiz world this week by using a front page of the fashion magazine to promote 15 female ‘trailblazers’ who stand for causes including body positivity, transgender rights and climate change.

The move is a radical break from the front covers of the Duchess and Cambridge and Princess Diana and has caused some controversy among many royal fans.

It emerged today that, despite trumpeting a number of good causes, none of the money made from the worldwide sales of the magazine will go to charity, despite the fact that some experts have said it’s a deal that could rake in the pounds for both parties.

Speaking to MailOnline PR expert Anthony Burr said: ‘It’s a figure that runs in to the millions. British Vogue now has made a statement on what direction the new editor will take it and that opens it up to a whole new audience. 

Meghan Markle (pictured above) is said to have been working on the project whilst on maternity leave and PR experts have said it was an opportunity that could not be missed

Meghan herself has said she will not be on the cover of the magazine. Her guest edits have been described as a 'win win' for both parties

Meghan herself has said she will not be on the cover of the magazine. Her guest edits have been described as a ‘win win’ for both parties

‘This edition alone will undoubtedly be a big seller. Advertisers would have paid top billing for prime space.

‘And for the Duchess of Sussex it means she will be taken even more seriously as an agent of change – and this will help her charities financially. It’s a win win for both parties.’

This is while PR expert Mark Borkowski also told MailOnline the Vogue editorship and the huge global response was ‘priceless’ in PR terms, but contrasted sharply with what the Royal Family has traditional represented.

He said: ‘It is very on-brand for what we are seeing, this is a change brand at the heart of the Royal Family.

Meghan, pictured above with UK Vogue editor Edward Enninful, has not been paid for the work

Meghan, pictured above with UK Vogue editor Edward Enninful, has not been paid for the work

‘She continues to virtue signal, but the question is what the hard-edged royal followers who have come to expect certain access will think of the lack of pictures of the royal baby and the business around Frogmore House.’

He said the move towards a message of change rather than tradition would chime better with younger people, but risked upsetting an older generation.

He added: ‘This is similar to Lady Diana, who was very different, at that time, to what the public were used to, and caused some disruption. It is very different from what say Sophie Wessex or Kate Middleton have offered.’

Vogue, which is edited by Edward Enninful has confirmed Meghan was not paid for her guest editorship and none of the money raised by magazine’s advertising or cover price will go to charity.

Vogue’s owner Conde Nast however contributes to good causes throughout the year. For example, last year they supported an event at which clothes worn by celebrities were auctioned for the LGBT youth homelessness charity the Albert Kennedy Trust. 

Mr Burr also added that Meghan’s new role will help delfect attention from other skirmishes she has faced recently.

He said: ‘It couldn’t have come at a better time for Meghan as she really needs to get into the hearts of the British public.

‘It’s a growing trend at the moment – Kate edited Huffington Post a few years ago Harry was guest editor of Radio 4. It’s only natural that’s the way things are going and it’s great for both sides. 

‘She wants to get into politics and be different to everyone else and you have to say fair play to that. You can’t criticise her for it because other royals have done it. What she has done is she has celebrated other women, this was happening while she was pregnant and she clearly thought this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.’

Despite the fact that Meghan is now using the platform to celebrate other women, Mr Burr added that people will always find holes in her work.

He added: ‘It’s looking at what is an easy target. Looking at the women she puts on the front cover and the fact she said she wouldn’t be on the cover. Some people have said this is a dig at Kate who had previously been on it.

‘Overall it’s postive, but she still has a lot of hard work to do to get grass roots British people on board, which is something Vogue really isn’t.’

Mr Burr said that it was the editor of vogue who would have persuaded her and added that it was definately a better fit for her to do UK Vogue rather that the U.S publication.

‘It wouldn’t have been a good fit for her to do a national newspaper, this is an easy win for her and the right time for Vogue- good for both.

‘Now she also has to work on everything else. She doesn’t need to use the reset button but she does have to change a lot.’


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