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Professional Help in Writing a Resume

Most applicant managers during the preliminary interview are asked to fill out a questionnaire or bring a completed resume with them. The latter must be properly drawn up in order to attract the employer and show all the benefits of hiring a candidate.

Different companies have their own requirements for applicants. It is usually necessary to describe your previous work experience, possession of certain skills, completion of additional training courses. A candidate must be different from other applicants in order to be hired.

It is important to describe your strengths, but you can’t praise yourself too much, you will also have to point out a couple of insignificant shortcomings so that the HR manager sees the adequacy of the attitude towards himself.

If you cannot write a resume yourself, it is better to seek help from specialists. They will help you fill out everything correctly, tell you what to look for and how best to present yourself to the employer. A resume is a long and not always easy process.

It is important to take into account any little things, especially when applying for a responsible position.

What does a resume mean and why is it needed?

As a rule, in the life of every person there comes a moment when he needs to write a resume for further employment. Regardless of what position you are applying for or what experience you have, the employer will definitely require it. What does a resume mean and why is it needed?

In French, the word “resume” means “to summarize.” In relation to job search, a resume is a summary of information about you as an expert in your professional field. When applying for a job, a resume is a necessary attribute: thanks to it, the employer forms the first impression of you.

It is believed that a kind of resume was made in antiquity. Nowadays, this document is a small but informative printed text. It describes the education, work experience, skills, and achievements of the applicant, suitable for a particular position.

Where to order a resume

On the website for writing a resume, for example, Edge, you can inexpensively order a resume for a job and a cover letter, conduct an online interview rehearsal.

When applying for a job in an international organization, already in the cover letter, you must describe how you are going to benefit the employer, based on the knowledge and skills that you possess.

To get the resume that will play into your hands – you can arrange this writing service in one of the specialized companies. When choosing a company or specialist, read the reviews of other customers in advance. To be sure that your future will fall into the hands of professionals, you can read the resume edge review and be confident in the future.

Common mistakes when writing a resume

Currently, on some recruiting sites on the Internet, you can find ready-made resume templates that are quite simple to fill out.

However, experienced HR professionals know how to distinguish between a self-composed resume, on which the author worked, thinking over and polishing every word, and a resume drawn up under dictation.

In addition, it is important to avoid the following mistakes when writing a resume:

  • inconsistency of the applicant’s work biography, education, experience with the objective requirements for the position or those set by the employer;
  • too short summary – it is not clear whether the author has nothing to say about himself, or whether he is a “gray mouse”;
  • demonstration of frequent job changes without explanation of objective reasons;
  • lack of indications for professional growth;
  • an indication of many different training courses and seminars;
  • an overly detailed summary containing a lot of unnecessary information and lyrical digressions or displays of inappropriate humor.

So, a well-written resume is your assistant in finding a decent job, so it is recommended to constantly develop your own skills and know-how to write a resume.

However, a resume is only a document, it will not replace the richness of your personality, which means that you need to learn how to effectively present yourself during interviews and interviews.

Professional help

If you order professional assistance in writing a resume, you are guaranteed to receive 5 services in 1:

  • The professional resume is written in my competent style in a businesslike style without jargon and the well-known annoying clichés.
  • A more presentable resume for a classic or graphic (designer) design (by agreement).
  • Prepare an electronic resume in two DOCX and PDF formats (for the possibility of a distant friend, editing and editing a resume at any hour, call it at your phone).
  • Some companies offer discounts of up to 20% on additional services that accompany resume writing.
  • Complementary cost-free editing of a resume with our specialist (for the need for correction and additional information).

Resume Price

A professional resume from a US firm can cost you as much as $840, depending on your experience and claims and the company you turn to for help. There are also discounters offering resumes for as little as $70.

A cover letter can be obtained much cheaper, but for psychological training, you will have to pay 200 or 300 dollars. Each company sets the cost of the service itself, but the average prices are as follows:

  • Resume writing – 100$
  • Resume editing – 80$
  • CV writing – 110$
  • LinkedIn profile writing – 100$
  • KSA responses – 70$
  • Cover letter writing – 70$

Resume writing is a very popular service these days. According to the managing director of one of these firms, they are approached on this issue by 5 to 10 people a day.