Professional VS DIY Tree Care Services

No one could have predicted that 2020 would be the year a pandemic would cause all of us to quarantine in our homes. Times have been pretty unstable for a lot of us, and to retain some sense of control, a lot of us have started all kinds of different projects in quarantine. It started with banana bread in March, and the movement has only grown from there. You will find some people learning how to cook or bake entirely from scratch from the first time, and then people catching up on reading, taking online courses, learning woodwork, crocheting, and whatnot.

A lot of people have also discovered a love for gardening and you will find a lot of people tending to plants and small home gardens, and that is great. All of us should learn small basic life skills and develop an appreciation for different processes that we otherwise would have never known. However, one things does need to be clarified here, and that there will be a limit to your knowledge and skills when it comes to certain projects. While doing DIY projects are good, it is important to know when you do not have a certain skill set or knowledge to carry out a certain job so that you can call in the experts and have them handle it.

This is especially important when handling certain types of jobs like woodwork, anything that requires power tools, wiring, plumbing, and so on. For the sake of this article, we will be bringing our attention solely towards tree care so that you can know when it is okay for you to do a job and when it is time to call in the expert. In case you do not know of any tree care service yourself, you can check out Thatcher’s Tree Service Gainesville.

Growing Your Tree

Your tree, like any other living being, needs nutrients to grow. These nutrients are usually found in the soil, water, and sunlight. You want to make sure that your tree is getting enough of all three to grow. You can look up your tree online to learn how many times it needs to be watered in a day. In case you have other plants growing under your tree you want to make sure that they are all getting enough nutrients from the soil. If your tree or plants are not growing properly, you should call in the expert and have them examine the problem, or you can try one more thing and mulch your tree yourself, however, if you have doubts about not being to mulch the tree correctly, you can call in the experts and have them do it for you.

Tree Trimming

Your tree will need to get trimmed and/or pruned at least once a year and this is not something that you should skip for the sake of your tree’s health. Trimming keeps dead and/or diseased branches away from the rest of the tree, deal with overgrowth, remove any branches that might be in hazardous locations and so on. We would only recommend that an amateur trim the lower branches of a tree as opposed to all of the branches if necessary. It is strongly advised to call in a tree care professional to handle the rest of the branches because a lot of times all of the branches don’t even have to be trimmed and this decision is only something an expert can safely make.

Disease Control

The only thing you can do as an amateur in this situation is to make sure to identify the disease in its early stages so that you can get it removed before it becomes a bigger problem because if your entire tree becomes infected then it will become hollow inside, losing its strength, and become a fall risk, and if it does fall, you will then have to call in for tree removal services and deal with insurance claims. There are many obvious tells when a tree is sick like bumps along with the bark that was never there before, a strange discoloration on the leaves, early shedding, visible signs of fungus, and so on. You can look into diseases your tree can deal with so that you can learn about the telltale signs beforehand. This is a precautionary step but it can work out well for you in the long-run. It is better to call in a tree care professional here since they will be able to assess the extent of the damage and then decide how much of the branches or whether the entire tree needs to be removed.

So there isn’t a lot that you can do when it comes to tree care, but if you know the basics and the warning signs, you can call in professional services and prevent a bigger problem later on.