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Property listing goes viral after buyers notice the collection of golliwog dolls in the bedrooms

Property listing attracts all the wrong sort of attention after buyers notice a controversial detail in one of the bedrooms: ‘It’s a nightmare come to life’

  • A property listing has raised eyebrows after people noticed a controversial detail
  • The home in North Richmond near Sydney hit the market for $635,000 
  • It is causing a stir online for a collection of golliwog dolls in one of the bedrooms

A property listing is causing a stir online for the home owner’s controversial bedroom décor.

The advertisement for the house in the semi-rural suburb of North Richmond near Sydney includes a photo of one of the bedrooms decked out with a collection of golliwog dolls. 

An image of the room filled with the divisive dolls was posted on satirical Instagram page Lords of Property.

A property listing for a home in North Richamond, NSW, is causing a stir online for including an image of a bedroom decorated with a collection of golliwog dolls

The three-bedroom unit is on the market for $635,000 to $650,000 and boasts a ‘modern’ kitchen, open-plan living, and ‘sun lit’ backyard.


Do you think golliwog dolls are offensive?

However it caught the attention of viewers for the assortment of almost 20 golliwog toys on display in one of the three bedrooms. 

The dolls are considered to be a racist caricature by many as their design, with exaggerated features, was inspired by black-faced minstrel shows popular in the US in the late 1800s.  

The listing raised many eyebrows online with some questioning why the agent would even include the image.  

‘Wouldn’t (you) just not put that photo up??’ one person asked.        

‘So weird how there’s nothing else in the room, it’s like completely blank… except for the dolls. Psycho neo-nazi vibes for sure,’ said a second. 

‘It’s like a nightmare come to life,’ a third wrote while another joked: ‘That room needs to be bulldozed’.