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Pros and Cons of Wooden Window

We open and close windows and doors every day, but we don’t even think about what material they are made of. We pay attention to their work, or to the ease of opening. And when it comes to replacing glass units or doors, we have to study the types of available materials to choose the most suitable in terms of properties and look.

One of the most popular options is wood. This natural material has the longest service life compared to other glass units. It can be used for about a hundred years after installation. The wood is really durable, keeps the heat well inside the room, looks aesthetically pleasing, and is also easy to maintain.

You may change the design of the windows as you wish, for this, contact the Chameleon decorators company, which offers sash window repair services. Among the disadvantages of this material is fire resistance. Even in the case of a small fire, wood is highly flammable, so you should carefully monitor the fire safety of your house.

Pros and Cons of Plastic Window

PVC windows look attractive; customers can choose double-glazed units made in the colours and with finishes they want. It can be either classic white or imitate wood. This material provides a high level of energy efficiency, while double glazing provides warmth in the house even in very low temperatures. Such windows don’t require regular maintenance, it is enough to clean them in a timely manner. Among the disadvantages of this material, it is worth noting:

  • reduction in the price of a house if the glass unit is installed in an old building;
  • low level of environmental friendliness: this material can hardly be recycled and releases harmful substances into the air;
  • softness: plastic is less hard than aluminum or solid wood.

PVC insulating glass units have shorter service life than timber windows.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Window

Aluminum is a great alternative to natural wood. It is cheaper, but it also has its drawbacks. The main negative feature of such glass units is its low level of energy efficiency. During the hot season, the metal heats up, and in the cold season it cools down. It conducts heat well, so it will be quite difficult to keep warm air inside the house. Especially when not only windows but doors as well are made of aluminum.

Condensation often gathers on its surface. This leads to a deterioration in air quality and a decrease in the operational life of glass units. Also, aluminum windows don’t look as aesthetically nice as wooden windows or their plastic counterparts. It is difficult to choose a suitable design for a double-glazed window when it is necessary to preserve the historical value of a building or to build a facade in a certain style.

These factors don’t mean that aluminum windows don’t have advantages. The main one is a high level of durability. Such glass units may have thin frames while remaining as reliable and safe as possible. Such windows protect the house well from unauthorized access.

Metal doesn’t need careful maintenance Glass units to retain their original look for a long time. When produced, the material is coated with anti-corrosion agents that don’t need to be applied again. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the coating will not lose its colour, and changes in the moisture level will not lead to rusting.

Metal is recyclable, just like wooden sash windows. These materials don’t pollute nature and are environmentally friendly. If you care about nature, it is better to choose this type of glass units.