PT-141 and Erectile Dysfunction – What is PT 141 Peptide?

Various aspects of your life can change drastically as you age. While you might not feel so different from who you were yesterday, the years can undoubtedly take their toll on your health, mentally and physically.

Many people find that they start developing various sexual dysfunction disorders or a decrease in their libido as they age. If you are also in that situation, it might be worthwhile to learn how PT 141 works and how it can help you.

What is PT 141?

Commonly referred to as Bremelanotide, this is a peptide hormone treatment. The medication aims to improve sexual function and libido. It has been an effective treatment for individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction and increased blood flow to the sexual organs.

Peptides are amino acids that are present naturally in your body. However, their growth can be slowed down over time due to your body’s aging. Bremelanotide ensures that your body is compensated with peptides that it can’t produce on its own to keep your body feeling healthy.


While using this medication has various benefits, the main advantage lies in the increased sexual drive many people experience. It improves sexual arousal disorder in both men and women, ensuring that you live a more fulfilling life.

As people age, they can be saddened that their sex drive has been impacted detrimentally. However, the clock can be turned back when on a regular treatment using this peptide. The treatment directly affects your nervous system and improves your sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction with your sex life.


When you’re looking to start your Bremelanotide treatment, you will require a prescription from an authorized chemist or doctor. If you don’t have a written prescription from your physician, you might be able to find a provider who can schedule a consultation for you.

Once you have your prescription, you can buy your medicine from any provider in various forms. You can even find this peptide treatment available in the nasal form, making it more convenient for you to take it at any point during the day.

How Does It Differ From Traditional Medication

Compared to Viagra and Cialis, the way PT 141 affects your body is quite different. While these conventional medications used to treat erectile dysfunction and sexual arousal impact your blood vessels, Bremelanotide doesn’t do that. It affects your nervous system and brain more than your blood vessels.

If you’re looking for a suitable alternative to using these medications, giving this peptide hormone treatment a try is ideal for you. It will ensure that your body naturally responds positively to sexual desire instead of forcibly trying to impact your sex drive.

Expected Results

This treatment has many results, but the results can vary depending on your age, body type, response to various stimulants in your bloodstream, etc. On average, users typically experience the following results:

  • Improve sexual performance and desire
  • Better confidence
  • Healthy sexual encounters
  • Mood enhancing effects due to regular sex
  • Better relationship with your significant other

When combined with other treatments, you might also see many benefits in your life. You can have less stress and less likeliness of depression when you have a healthy sex life.

Are There Any Side Effects?

If you’re worried about the possibility of dealing with drastic side effects, here is some relief for you. The treatment doesn’t have severe side effects, with most users reporting only nausea.

You can pretreat your nausea even before you start your treatment to ensure you’re not feeling sick at any point.

If you have high blood pressure, consult your pharmacist or doctor to get your dose adjusted. Experience a new life when you get on the treatment, especially when it comes to your sex drive.