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Pubs, gyms, shops and restaurants closed due to COVID-19 lockdown should be prepared to reopen 

Pubs, gyms, shops and restaurants closed due to COVID-19 lockdown should be prepared to reopen

  • The government has called on businesses to prepare to be ‘given the green light’ 
  • To safely restart Australia, companies need to create ‘COVID-safe workplaces’ 
  • For pubs, restaurants and gyms this involves new, strict cleaning protocols 
  • High-touch surfaces need to be regularly cleaned, Michaelia Cash explained
  • The employment minister said businesses need to implement social distancing 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Australian businesses forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic have been told to prepare to reopen imminently.

With the infection rate continuing to plummet, states and territories are starting to ease lockdown restrictions, signalling a return to normal life.

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash called on retailers to create ‘COVID-safe workplaces,’ and be ready to safely welcome customers in line with restrictions.

If they stick to proper health and safety protocols, pubs, shops, restaurants and gyms could be open within weeks. 

‘Each workplace needs to look at its individual circumstances in what will be the new normal environment we live in,’ Minister Cash said on Sunrise.  

‘The virus will still be with us, but if we can control the spread then we can restart the economy.’

Ms Cash said that in order for the retail, hospitality and fitness industries to get moving again, they need to ensure proper safety measures are in place.  

This includes limiting the number of people in a venue at the same time, and encouraging shoppers to shop alone.

Scheduled deliveries to stop over-crowding have also been suggested, with the regular cleaning of heavily-touched areas also a top priority. 

This includes door handles, lift buttons, hand rails and other objects which are frequently touched – and have been identified as a regular COVID-19 transmitter.  

Stores and bars also need to use floor marking to remind customers to socially distance, leaving 1.5 metres between each person.

Businesses could also encourage customers to download the COVIDSafe contact tracing app. 

More to follow.