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Quality Landscaping As a Way to Improve Property Value

When it comes to the real estate market there are many ways to increase property value. A home with quality landscaping has a huge price advantage over others

Did you know that the total value of the US landscape industry was valued at nearly $80 billion in 2018? There are more than 100,000 landscaping businesses across the United States that can help you if you need to install water features or plant a tree.

But many homeowners ask a good question – does landscaping increase property value? Is your investment protected over the years if you add a patio or improve the walkways? The answer is yes. Moreover, keep reading to find out the most popular landscaping ideas that can raise the total value of your property.

Plant One or More Trees

A tree can provide immense value to your property, regardless of its type or where you install it. Trees take years to grow and offer so many benefits to the homeowner. For example, they create shade during hot summer days, they provide minimal sound protection, and improve the air quality around your house.

If you want to increase property value, make sure that you plant one or more trees in your yard. Try not to plant them too close to walkways or your house because their roots and/or branches might cause problems in the future.

Trees also require little to no maintenance over the years. You might need to check them for diseases and trim large branches, but that’s about it. A professional arborist can help you cater to your trees and when the tree gets too old, tree removal services are available and affordable for every homeowner.

Install Automatic Irrigation Systems

If you have a lawn, you probably know how stressful it can be to water it on a regular basis. That’s why you should consider investing in a good irrigation system that is operated automatically and features a rainwater sensor.

This type of system can last for years and it will provide the right amount of water to your turf. You can program it to water the lawn at certain time intervals during the day or night. The rain sensor is also useful to detect if it rained recently and avoid overwatering the lawn.

Today’s automatic irrigation systems are easy to install, they require little to no maintenance, and take one big worry off your shoulders. You can even select the amount of water to be used by the sprinklers, depending on your turf and soil type.

Add Groupings of Flowers in Your Yard 

Who doesn’t like flowers? Not only that they smell nice, but flowers also provide visual entertainment. A patch of land filled with beautiful red roses makes your yard look so much more inviting. Your wife will love them too!

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your property as well as raising its value, make sure that you add groupings of flowers in your property. The more colorful and varied, the better. Some homeowners also use raised planters to display gorgeous flowers at eye level.

The best place to add some flowers would be in your patio, on each side of the walkway and close to the front entrance door. Choose a combination of seasonal flowers as well as flowers that last throughout the year and require small amounts of water.

Invest in Smart Lighting Options

Outdoor lighting is very important to highlight the beauty of your property and increase its value. For example, you can go for small solar lights that stick to the ground. These small lamps get their power from the sun and shine a soft, beautiful glow during the evening. You don’t have to charge them or replace the batteries because they work with solar power.

At the same time, lights that resemble Chinese lanterns are popular these days. They can be installed around your patio to provide a warm glow when you spend time outdoors during summer evenings. Lastly, invest in LED lighting as your main source of light.

LED lights are more economical and brighter than conventional lights. You could go for light strips installed around your walkways or LED accent lights to highlight the beauty of a tree at night. LED light strips also illuminate your yard in various colors, making it look as beautiful as a Christmas tree.

You should think about adding a few light sources around your house too. For example, exterior wall sconces look amazing on any property and they can have a modern or traditional design. They usually feature LED lights too, so your energy bill will not be increased by much.

Add Shrubs and Greenery to Windows for Privacy Purposes

Having a beautiful house with large windows is a blessing. You get as much sunlight as you need. However, this can also create a privacy issue. To prevent passersby or neighbors from peeking through the windows, try to add shrubs with large leaves in front of your windows.

The placement is key in this case. Make sure that the shrubs and greenery add sufficient privacy, but don’t obstruct sunlight. A professional landscaper might help you in this case. This small addition will improve the value of your house because most home buyers would pay to have more privacy in their properties.

Invest in Water Features 

Adding water features can be one of the best ways to improve the value and curb appeal of your house. There are also many options for you to choose from and most water features can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

You can begin with a simple fountain installed close to your patio. This fountain will pour fresh water 24/7, but you can also turn it off if you want to. Improve the beauty of your water feature with submerged LED lights that shine brilliantly through the water droplets.

If your budget is slightly larger, you might want to consider adding a small pond or stream in your yard. Some homeowners even host live fish in these tiny ponds. Apart from the visual advantage of such a water feature, you’ll also benefit from the calming soundtrack of water pouring in the pond.

Do you need something to make a statement? Why not add a miniature waterfall in your yard? Such an example of water feature might cost a little bit more, but it improves humidity levels in your yard, it looks great, it creates a centerpiece in your property, and can be enhanced with LED lighting. Your visitors and family members will love it.

Add a Patio or Outdoor Living Space 

If you don’t already have an outdoor living space in your yard, now it would be a good moment to add one. For example, most homeowners opt for patios. This is an excellent landscaping idea that adds to the value of your property. It will allow you to spend time outdoors with your loved ones and feel comfortable and safe at the same time.

You can also customize your patio. Some homeowners add a fire pit for aesthetic purposes or even to cook bacon from time to time. Surround the fire pit with a few couches and comfy armchairs and you have created an excellent outdoor living space.

There are literally thousands of patio ideas you can put into practice if you have time and money. As a tip, try to see a lot of pictures with patios online. Save those pictures you like the most and see how you can replicate that concept without breaking the bank.

If a patio doesn’t float your boat, how about a gazebo? Gazebos are also very popular, they are easy to install and provide protection against the elements. Your gazebo can also include chairs, a table, maybe a swing for your kids to play with.

Pay Attention to Your Walkways 

The walkways around your yard also play an important role when it comes to the aesthetics of your property. If you’re thinking about renovating or replacing them, go for brick, concrete, or natural stone walkways. These are the most attractive and they last for decades.

If your budget is higher, natural stone walkways add the most to home value. You should choose really small natural stones for safety reasons and create a beautiful mosaic-like pattern on the ground. Natural stone preserves its beauty for ages and you can apply a sealant to your walkways to protect them against the elements.

If you go with concrete then you are golden. This type of material costs less and it can be stained in different colors to match the aesthetics of your property. Make sure that your concrete walkways are added by a professional to prevent the formation of air bubbles that ruin their appearance.

Now You Know a Few Landscaping Ideas That Enhance Property Value

As you can see, there are many types of landscaping ideas you can try to raise the property value. It’s all about having imagination, setting a budget right from the start, and working with expert landscapers. Make a list of 3 improvements that you liked the most in this article and start working on them today.

Also, for more useful landscaping tips and tricks as well as pieces of advice on how to improve your property, check out the other articles on our website.

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