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Queensland cleaning company deliver perfect comeback to a ‘racist’ customer on Facebook

Racist customer gets cut down to size when cleaning business delivers the perfect comeback to shocking slur

  • A Queensland cleaning company is praised for its response to a racist customer
  • Customer complained about an end-of-lease clean cost & called them ‘import’ 
  • The rant was posted on Facebook on Thursday after the owner was left shocked 
  • However Facebook users praised the business owner’s comeback as ‘brilliant’ 

A cleaning business has drawn praise after it delivered the perfect response to a customer who went on a ‘racist’ rant. 

The owner of a rental bond cleaning business in Queensland shared a thread of heated messages from an unhappy customer to Facebook on Thursday. 

The husband and wife duo had recently started the cleaning business when the disgruntled customer complained about the price of an end-of-lease clean.   

A Queensland cleaning business has drawn praise for its perfect response to a racist customer (stock image)

‘Holy s**t $450 for some import to run a dusty cloth over services and then push a vacuum around the place,’ the customer began.

‘I’m in the wrong business. Assume an eight hour day – that’s almost $60 per hour for unskilled work – you’re dreaming right?

‘Won’t be using your services that’s for sure.’

However instead of hitting back, the business delivered the perfect comeback, defending its prices and calling out the customer’s ‘racist’ views.

‘Thank you for your thoughts, we are in fact Australian not that there is anything wrong with being an ‘import’ as you say,’ the business said.

‘A full bond clean is far more than a simple dust and vacuum, it includes the deep cleaning of hard to reach places, wall cleaning, the removal of mould, hard-baked dirt, the light fixtures, window tracks, in and outdoor windows, deep clean of the oven and this is just the basics.

‘It takes far longer than you’d expect and is hard, non-stop work, however we are glad you will not be using our services, as we prefer not to service racist individuals.’ 

The businesswoman later took to Facebook to share the exchange before asking social media users if she had responded appropriately. 

The customer complained about the price of an end-of-lease clean during a ‘racist’ rant (pictured)

The cleaning business shared the exchange (pictured) to Facebook on Thursday after the owner questioned whether they should have responded

Me and my husband recently started a business doing bond cleaning, and I’m literally shocked at this response from someone,’ she wrote.

‘I’m not sure if I’ve started something or should have responded better?

‘Very few people have been unhappy with our prices, and I know many people have different priorities, some need the cheapest they can find. 

‘But, I feel her response was so uncalled for, and if that’s all she thinks is involved in a bond clean, she could simply do it herself?!

‘Maybe I could have educated her that we don’t quote per hour, or that we have wages to pay and products and insurance to cover, or we could have chosen to ignore her.’

The post drew a plethora of support from Facebook users who praised the business owner for their level headed response.

‘I think your response is perfect and I couldn’t have worded it better myself! I cannot believe the racism she tried to throw around,’ wrote one person. 

‘Whether or not it was a professional response, I say good on you for calling her out! And $450 is more than reasonable,’ commented another.  

‘What a brilliant response! We had a cleaner a few years ago that did an end of lease or pre lease for our neighbour and she vowed that she would never, ever do it ever again! It was gruelling, so much harder and longer than they expected!’ added a third.