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Queensland Police vehicle collides with Suzuki Swift in Ipswich after sudden turn

Infuriating moment police car makes a sudden turn without an indicator and shatters another car’s front lights – before driving off with its sirens on

  • Dashcam footage captured police car and Suzuki Swift colliding on June 29
  • Cop car cuts across the hatchback Brisbane and East St intersection in Ipswich 
  • Vision recorded at about 4.50pm shows the police vehicle slowly drive away

A police car has been captured side-swiping another vehicle while making a last-minute turn before speeding off with its lights flashing. 

The collision between the Queensland police wagon and the Suzuki Swift in Ipswich on June 29 was filmed on Dashcam. 

Footage shows the officers quickly turning their lights on at 4:50pm just seconds before entering the busy Brisbane and East Street intersection. 

The police car, in the far right lane, suddenly take as sharp left turn across the face of the silver hatchback which was travelling straight.

Dash cam footage has captured the moment a Police ute cuts off a car (pictured), shattering it’s headlight and bending the bonnet

The Suzuki driver had no time to stop before the police car shattered their front right head light before slowing down to assess the damage. 

Glass and plastic from the vehicle’s front was strewn across the road and the bonnet of the Swift was bent upwards on impact, standing no chance against the large ute. 

The police officer continued down the road and pulled up about 150 metres away, as the Swift pulled to the side of the road with its hazard lights on.

While the law states that vehicles must give way to emergency services when sirens are on, the driver of the Suzuki barely had any chance to realise what was happening before the collision took place.

Queensland Police told Daily Mail Australia that a senior officer attended the crash and breath tested both drivers who returned negative results.