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Queensland road rage brawl ends with a 4WD on top of a crushed ute 

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Wild road rage brawl where ‘man was attacked with an axe handle’ ends with a 4WD on top of a crushed ute

  • Hilux driver blocked a Nissan in a road rage incident in Queensland on Saturday 
  • Driver allegedly left his car and hit the Nissan driver with the base of an axe 
  • Nissan driver allegedly tried to get away and ended up driving on top of the Hilux

A road rage brawl has ended with a four-wheel-drive on top of a Toyota Hilux after the ute driver allegedly attacked a passenger of the Nissan with an axe handle. 

The alleged attack happened in Beaudesert, west of the Gold Coast, just before 7pm on Saturday. 

The Hilux driver allegedly blocked in the Nissan before getting out of the car and hitting him, Seven News reported.

A Nissan four-wheel-drive owner has ended up on top of a Hilux after the driver of the car allegedly attacked him with an axe

The Nissan driver then allegedly accelerated and rammed the Hilux, landing on top of it and partially crushing it.

The Nissan passenger suffered injuries to his hand and his head. 

The men are believed to be known to each other.  

A Queensland Police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia no arrests have been made.

Investigations are ongoing. 


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