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Rapper Azealia Banks vows never to return to ‘racist’ Australia

Top rapper vows never to return to Australia and cancels gig hours before she was due on stage: ‘The most racist, demoralising experience of my LIFE – this place makes me miserable’

  • Azealia Banks refused to play Brisbane gig on Tuesday after fears for her safety
  • On previous tours she was hit by a beer can and had a bottle thrown at her
  • Banks said playing wasn’t worth the risk because ‘I’m a beautiful black woman’ 

Fiery American rapper Azealia Banks has vowed never to return to Australia after cancelling a show because of the ‘risk’ of playing to a white audience.

The outspoken New Yorker refused to play in Brisbane on Tuesday because she felt in danger playing in front of a mostly white audience.

The cancellation marked the end of Banks’ disastrous tour, with planned shows in Melbourne and Sydney postponed due to ‘visa issues’.

Rapper Azealia Banks vows never to return to 'racist' Australia

‘Last time I was in Brisbane and y’all threw shit on the stage and damn near hit me in the face with a bottle,’ Banks said on Instagram.

‘I’m not taking the f***ing risk, I’m a beautiful black woman, I’m not about to get in front of an audience of white people for them to be throwing s*** at me.

Banks, 31, apparently agreed to play in Brisbane after her initial reluctance if security measures were beefed up – but then backed out claiming her requests had been disregarded.

‘This place makes me utterly miserable … it’s too physically taxing for $0.61 on the USD to waste my time with this stressful bulls***.’ 

In 2013 in Melbourne she walked off stage after being hit with a beer can after playing for only 90 seconds at the Listen Out Festival. 

On the same tour a beer can was thrown on stage at her Sydney gig.

At the time she apologised to Melbourne fans ‘whose experience was affected by the behavior of one individual’.

Rapper Azealia Banks vows never to return to 'racist' Australia

But she also described touring Australia as ”the most racist, most demoralising experience of my f***ing life’.

Banks, best known for  

In 2011, another American rapper Tyler The Creator called out Brisbane.

‘Out here in Brisbane, Australia. People out here are racist as fuck. I’m uncomfortable and want to go home. I get this weird vibe.’