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Reasons to Grow a Beard

Have you always wondered what you can look like with facial hair? You’re not alone because there has been a growing trend in the last couple of years. More men are keeping beards like never before. Perhaps you’d want to try a new look and you find it easy to grow a beard. There are plenty of reasons why you should grow a beard and we’re going to highlight some of them.

You Get to Try Out a New Look

If you’re always looking at yourself in the mirror and want to effect some changes, growing a beard will be one of the ways of going about the process. It is understandable if growing a beard doesn’t come naturally. You can as well search for beard transplant Manchester as it just as an effective solution. Growing a beard can completely transform the way you look. If you want to make a big statement then facial hair is the way to go. It only takes a few months to grow and you could be looking at a new person in the mirror. There are different styling options to choose from once you’ve grown a beard.

Go Against Societal Expectations

Society will expect you to shave when you have an important event coming up. It could be a job interview, a wedding, or even a business meeting. Gone are the days where one had to conform to societal expectations. As long as your beard is well-groomed, there is no reason why anyone should have a problem with it. Most employers have become more open and will not pay any special attention to your beard provided you have the matching qualifications that they’re looking for.

You Look More Attractive

Study after study has shown that women are likely to be more attracted to men with a beard compared to one that doesn’t. Not only are beards attractive for short-term flings but women prefer facial hair for long-term commitments. It is hard to fight science. If you still want more reasons, you just have to look at the amazing transformations that people have gone through.

Offer Protection

You’re probably wondering how beards can offer protection from common illnesses. If you’re suffered asthma in the past, it will be pleasing to note that growing a beard can help in reducing the chances. This is made possible because the facial hair can help in stopping allergens from reaching nasal areas.

Say Goodbye to Shaving

Shaving can be an irksome process, especially if you grow facial hair fast. Shaving can take up a lot of time and you might never master how to do it properly no matter how many times you try. When you grow a beard, you’ll not have to shave as much. This will free up time so that you can focus on more important things such as spending quality time with your family.

Protection From The Sun

The skin is directly in contact with UV rays. Constant exposure could lead to a myriad of skin conditions. Facial hair can help in protecting the face from direct sun rays. There was an article that appeared in the Washington Post that claims facial hair can block up to 95% of UV rays.  Another good reason you should seriously consider growing beards.

Prevents Acne

Constant shaving could leave you susceptible to acne. This is particularly true if you have sensitive skin. When you grow a beard, you’ll only have to shave once in a while which reduces to chances of developing acne.

Builds Confidence

Studies have shown that men that are confident in themselves and their abilities are more successful in life. If growing a beard can help with building your self-confidence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing so. Growing a beard comes with a sense of power and assertiveness. You get to expect a lot more of yourself and from life.

Moist Skin

Constant shaving will open the skin pores. This will in turn dry your skin over time. When you don’t have to shave on a regular basis, your skin is likely to remain moist. This improves the overall health and functioning of the skin.

The beard can also help in preventing some bacterial infections. Bacteria can be found on just about any surface and have the potential of doing damage to your skin. With a beard, you get an extra layer of protection. All said, a beard is not only a cool accessory but can also provide protection against the sun and bacterial infections.


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